Published September 27, 2019

Gather 'Round for the Most Unique Spider-Man Comic Collaboration: 'Amazing Spider-Man: Full Circle' #1

Featuring a comic collective of creatives, this is a Spidey tale like you've never seen before!

Spider-Man: Full Circle

If there's anything Marvel's heroes are known for, it's their willingness to take risks -- the prestigious people who put the comics together are no exception! AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: FULL CIRCLE #1, on sale Wednesday, October 23, will give Spider-Fans a kind of story that threw out the rules and was born out of a storytelling experiment amongst a team of seven of Marvel's finest writers. Jonathan Hickman, Gerry Duggan, Nick Spencer, Kelly Thompson, Al Ewing, Chip Zdarsky, and Jason Aaron wrote this special, super-sized issue Round-Robin style in that order with no roadmap, no contact, no plan. Not even for the artists who drew their stories: Chris Bachalo and Al Vey, Greg Smallwood, Tim Townsend, Michael Allred and Laura Allred, Rachael Stott and Triona Farrell, Cameron Stewart and Nathan Fairbain, and Mark Bagley, John Dell, and Frank D’Armata.

Here's how it worked: Each writer would write a 10-page chapter. The order of the writers was chosen at random, and none of them knew who else was writing the story until they received their instructions for their respective chapters. They would learn who wrote before them, but they wouldn't know who would pick up their story after they left off. All they really knew was their mission: get Spider-Man out of the mess the previous writer got him into.

According to Marvel Executive Editor Tom Brevoort, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: FULL CIRCLE #1 "really is the craziest and most off-beat Spider-Man story ever told."

Since this experiment in storytelling seemed to produce something truly spectacular, solicited the writers for quotes in the same Round-Robin style. Here is what they had to say, starting with Jonathan Hickman!

Jonathan Hickman: "It was everything I hoped it would be. I wrote the first section and then never answered anyone’s questions or emails. Which was definitely the right way to do it. I mean there’s like three people working on this book I’ve never even heard of before. Who is Chip Zdarsky? Who the $&^% is Nick Spencer? Delete. Delete.”

Gerry Duggan: "I followed Jonathan which was cool 'cause I'm used to being %^%@(& by him -- like when he got my previous ongoings cancelled so he could do some event or whatever. Even though he never answered any of my emails I had a great time writing Spider-Man, who I learned is like an older, less cool version of Deadpool."

Nick Spencer: "Deadpool suuuuuuucks."

Chip Zdarsky: "Honestly, this was one of the greatest honors of my professional life. To be able to participate in such a project with the industry’s top writers, who I count as my friends, was an absolute thrill. It truly does blow my mind that I’m a small part of such a rarified group of talented creators and I can’t wait for everyone to see the results.

"Also, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Rachel Stott, the wonderful artist on my section, accompanied by the amazing Triona Farrell on colors. I’m a huge believer in #artcred and am ecstatic that I was paired with such a perfect team to bring my meager chapter to life.

"I’d also be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge and thank Stan Lee and Steve Ditko for creating the character of Spider-Man all those many years ago. The fact that the character holds such a strong place in our culture all these decades later is a true testament to their creativity and limitless skills.

"This one’s for you, Stan and Steve." 

Chip Zdarsky's real quote

Kelly Thompson: "Well, this interview thread is giving me traumatic flashbacks to the experience of writing the thing in the first place. I was so close to freedom. SO CLOSE."

Al Ewing: "Okay - NOW it's me, THEN it's Chip.

"Chip, you're up.

"Chip? Come back here, Chip. You need to -- Chip, don't run away. Chip! We talked about this, Chip. No -- CHIP! Chip, I'm putting my foot down. Come back, Chip. Chip. Chip, come back. Chip. That fruit vendor did nothing to you. Now look, Chip. His produce is spilled. Chip, watch out for that stacked pile of cardboard boxes -- oh, Chip. Chip. Chip. Chip, come back. Chip. Please, Chip. Chip, be careful, there are workmen crossing the street carrying a pane of glass. Chip. Chip, don't. Really, Chip. CHIP -- oh my goodness, Chip, a perfect silhouette. Chip. Chip, you need to do this interview. It's your turn, Chip. Chip. Chip. Chip, no. The bridge is closed. They're raising the bridge, Chip. Chip, please stop running. The gap is getting wider and wider, Chip, surely you can't make the -- Chip! CHIP! CHIIIIIIP!"

"Well, we lost Chip. Jason?"

Jason Aaron: "I fear I've been grossly misled. It was my understanding that this was all an elaborate prank we were pulling on Jonathan Hickman, my longstanding, sworn mortal enemy. I must confess that I hate-wrote my contribution, fueled by Alabama corn whiskey, Satanic bluegrass, and some unidentified pills I was once gifted at a secret Canadian fight club by a Mr. Chip Zdarsky (sp?). I never imagined that this would actually see publication. God help us all. And expect to hear from my lawyer, Mr. Chip Zdarsky."

Want to see how AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: FULL CIRCLE #1 came together in the end? You'll find out next month! Swing through the gallery below for preview art by all the artists you read about!

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: FULL CIRCLE #1 was written by Jonathan Hickman, Gerry Duggan, Nick Spencer, Kelly Thompson, Al Ewing, Chip Zdarsky, and Jason Aaron with art by Chris Bachalo and Al Vey, Greg Smallwood, Tim Townsend, Michael Allred and Laura Allred, Rachael Stott and Triona Farrell, Cameron Stewart and Nathan Fairbain, and Mark Bagley, John Dell, and Frank D’Armata. This one-of-a-kind issue goes on sale Wednesday, October 23 -- pre-order your copy today online or at your local comic shop!

Art by Michael Allred and Laura Allred


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