Published March 2, 2023

'I Am Iron Man' #2 First Look Sends Tony Stark from Space to the Sea Floor

In a special first look at 'I Am Iron Man' #2, Tony Stark stages a daring rescue in space, only to end up stranded at the bottom of the ocean.

Tony Stark is a well-traveled individual, but he may have a few regrets about his latest choice of destination.

In I AM IRON MAN #2, Murewa Ayodele and Dotun Akande continue their tour through Iron Man's history, this time stopping by Archie Goodwin's classic era of IRON MAN comics. After saving the world (again), Tony finds himself trapped at the bottom of the ocean. It's dark down there, the pressure is maddening, and giant sharp teeth stalk the shadows. How will Iron Man survive when nature itself wants him dead?

A special first look at I AM IRON MAN #2 offers a tease of both his world-saving maneuver and the threats he will face in the watery depths. In one page, he throws himself against an asteroid hurtling towards Earth, before using his repulsors to blast it into smaller, less lethal chunks. Another page shows him waking up under water, only to encounter an enormous undersea creature with gaping jaws.

Catch a glimpse of Tony's fight for his life in a special first look at I AM IRON MAN #2 below!

I AM IRON MAN #2 interior artwork by Dotun Akande

Art and Cover by DOTUN AKANDE 
On Sale 4/5

How will Tony Stark get out of this one? Find out in I AM IRON MAN #2, on sale April 5!

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I Am Iron Man #2 Preview



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