Published June 9, 2023

‘Immortal X-Men' #13 Preview Teases Fraught Tensions Between Krakoa and the Quiet Council

Get your first look at Krakoa’s intervention with the Quiet Council in this preview for ‘Immortal X-Men' #13.

For a long time, Krakoa has watched the Quiet Council squabble over petty political games. When it finally decides to speak, what shall Krakoa say?  

The Quiet Council and its members’ power moves permeate the pages of IMMORTAL X-MEN. From Mister Sinister’s rewriting of reality in SINS OF SINISTER to Colossus’ actions as a puppet for his brother Mikhail Rasputin, the Quiet Council has seldom advocated on behalf of the island it claims to represent.  

Now, in IMMORTAL X-MEN #13 by Kieron Gillen, Lucas Werneck, and David Curiel, Doug Ramsey—the spokesperson for Krakoa itself—enters the fold. Will Krakoa be able to set the Quiet Council straight, or is this political body doomed to fail its people? 

This preview for IMMORTAL X-MEN #13 opens with Doug speaking directly to the sentient island of Krakoa. This peace is shattered when Selene and Exodus, two members of this prestigious Quiet Council, blast each other to the fullest extent of their abilities. The all-powerful Storm then arbitrates this fight, descending from the skies like lightning. At last, Doug converses with Charles Xavier, the man whose dream started it all. 

Get your first look at the chaos on the Quiet Council in a special first look at IMMORTAL X-MEN #13 below: 

Immortal X-Men #13 artwork by Lucas Werneck and David Curiel

On Sale 7/12

Pick up IMMORTAL X-MEN #13 this July and stay tuned for more X-Men news as all roads lead to the FALL OF X.

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