Published August 28, 2019

Jack Kirby's Legacy Lives on in 'Marvel Comics' #1000

The 80-page comic is clear proof of the ongoing influence of Jack Kirby.

Marvel's 80th Anniversary

Today marks the birthday of Marvel Legend Jack Kirby, who would have turned 102 years old today. Kirby's legacy -- his artwork, creations, and spirit -- still live on today as the characters he brought to life endure in comics, movies, television, and more. One of today's new comics releases pays tribute to that legacy while celebrating 80 years of Marvel Comics. MARVEL COMICS #1000, the massive 80-page comic featuring 80 creative teams, comes out today, 80 years after the release of MARVEL COMICS #1. The 80 one-page stories are all tied together, driven by writer Al Ewing with the guidance of Marvel Editors Tom Brevoort and Alanna Smith. MARVEL COMICS #1000 covers untold parts of Marvel's history from the beginning to the present, ending on a peek at what the future may hold for the Marvel Universe.

Said Ewing: "Jack Kirby is rightly remembered as one of the greatest artists the medium ever had. He was also one of the greatest writers. There was a poetry there, a window to some crackling liminal space where the words weren't afraid to become a facet of the art. In this, as in many things, he was far ahead of his time -- and ours."

Marvel Comics #1000
MARVEL COMICS #1000: "Strange Worlds" written by Al Ewing, art by Klaus Jansen, colors by Richard Isanove

Tom Brevoort: “Without Jack Kirby’s contributions to Marvel and the ideas he came up with, MARVEL COMICS #1000 would just be two blank cardboard coves without any pages between them.”

Marvel Comics #1000
MARVEL COMICS #1000: "A Midwinter Night's Dream" written by Gerry Duggan, art by Chris Samnee, colors by Matthew Wilson

Alanna Smith: “There are entire fantastical worlds that wouldn’t exist without Jack Kirby. His imagination was limitless, and he’s inspired countless other imaginations with his visionary work. He stretched the boundaries of what could be done with comic art, and everyone who came after has benefited from his trailblazing work!”

Marvel Comics #1000
MARVEL COMICS #1000: "The Privilege" written by Tom DeFalco, art by Ron Frenz, inks by Brett Breeding, colors by Matt Yackey

Kirby's stamp on the Marvel Universe is seen in much, much more than just these pages -- pick up MARVEL COMICS #1000 today to see even more classic Marvel characters and stories from the minds of Kirby, Stan Lee, Steve Ditko and more! 




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