Published July 18, 2023

Derrick Chew's New 'Jean Grey' #1 Cover Unleashes Omega-Level Psychic Power

Check out Derrick Chew’s stunning 'Jean Grey' #1 variant cover, on sale August 23.

Superstar artist Derrick Chew has brought some of Marvel’s greatest heroes to life in best-selling variant covers and next month, he spotlights one of the Marvel Universe’s original mutant icons: Jean Grey!

Depicted in her classic and beloved Marvel Girl costume, Jean unleashes the full might of her telekinetic mutant gifts in this show stopping cover for the debut issue of her new solo series! A four-issue saga, JEAN GREY will be written by legendary X-Men scribe Louise Simonson and drawn by Bernard Chang. Readers will experience a rousing exploration of Jean’s dramatic history as she revisits her past to find the key to guiding mutantkind out of the FALL OF X!

JEAN GREY #1 Variant Cover by Derrick Chew

Variant Cover by DERRICK CHEW
Virgin Variant Cover by DERRICK CHEW
On Sale 8/23

Check out Chew’s cover now and find out how Jean’s legacy can save the X-Men’s future when JEAN GREY #1 hits stands next month!

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