Published November 8, 2018

Jean Grey vs. Machine Man in the Marvel Battle Royale

Vote for the Marvel Comics editors' picks in today's round of the tournament!

16 characters. 16 Marvel Comics editors. 1 winner.

It's the Marvel Battle Royale 2018!

Battle Royale 2018

We asked each member of the Marvel Comics editorial staff to select their own champions to enter the Battle Royale. And in reverse order of seniority at the House of Ideas, they chose! Assistant Editor Lauren Amaro started working at Marvel HQ six months ago, so she chose first, and Senior Vice President/Executive Editor Tom Brevoort has been a member of the editorial staff for decades, so he chose last!

Yesterday, Kraven the Hunter went up against Doc Ock, and the winner was...

Marvel Battle Royale 2018 Doctor Octopus wins Round 2

The Battle continues today with a matchup between Annalise Bissa's fiery friend and Mark Paniccia's mechanical marvel...

Jean Grey vs. Machine Man

Not only did the editors nominate their own gladiators, they've also laid out exactly why you should be on their side! Here's what Annalise (an editor in the X-Men office) had to say about her hero...

Jean Grey!

"Jean Grey is one of the most powerful mutants of all time. She came back from the dead. She ate a star.

"Jean Grey is telepathic AND telekinetic, so...good luck doing ANYTHING from under ten tons of rubble. Jean Grey said ‘see ya later’ to the Phoenix Force and now she’s just getting started.

"Machine Man is a toaster who got some big ideas. Ways to defeat a robot: make it divide by zero. Push it into a fountain. Put a big electromagnet near it. See ya never, Machine Man.

An absolutely devastating throwdown. And here's what Mark (editor of the Star Wars books) had to say on behalf of his champ...

Machine Man!

"Ha! While I have great respect for JEAN GREY, her skills, compassion, and POWER, let’s not forget telepathy and mind tricks won’t work on a mechanical brain. MACHINE MAN cannot be fooled by illusion or psychic manipulation!!!

"X-51 was built to be the ultimate robot soldier with the ability to analyze, calculate, and process information at speeds far faster than ANY human. You want to go up against that? You’d have your arm broken ten different ways before you could get a first punch in. Keep up the fight and you’re in traction city for an extended stay!

"And with parts made from titanium alloys, an adamantium composition, and a nanotech system that can transform and rebuild himself or any piece of machinery he comes in contact with, I find it oh-so-hard to believe ANY SUPER HUMAN from MARVEL lore—even a skilled telekentic such as Jean Grey—can stand a chance against the MIGHT of the ONE-MAN-MECHANICAL-ARMY know as MACHINE MAN!"

Ka-pow! No holding back here. Decide who gave the best pitch and cast your vote below right now!

The Marvel Battle Royale 2018 will take place every day throughout the month of November! Stay tuned to and @Marvel for tomorrow's match as D-Man faces Gwenpool!