16 characters. 16 Marvel Comics editors. 1 winner.

Battle Royale 2018

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, mutants, inhumans, and Spidey-Tokens, hold on to your seats! Have you got your popcorn from our vendors? No? Well, it’s too late now! The show’s already started!

We had the 16 Marvel Comics editors each nominate a champion. Now, these 16 gladiators are going toe-to-toe, mano a mano in a test of true spirit! But it’s not just brawns or brains battlin’ it out here—the editors have made their arguments about why their hero should win; now YOU vote to decide whether or not you’re convinced!

To make it fair, the newest to the Marvel team picked first and our veteran editors chose their champions last. Does seniority matter? Does popularity, brains, brawns, or chest hair?!

We’re about to find out.

Welcome to the MARVEL BATTLE ROYALE 2018!

Who will make it to the Final 8? It's Captain America vs. Wolverine! Vote Now!
Vote Now!
Marvel Battle Royale 2018 Spider-Man Wins Round 5

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