Published June 4, 2019

Jed MacKay Reminds Us That ‘Cats Have Claws, But Crooks Have Crews’ in ‘Black Cat’ #1

Felicia Hardy is back in her first-ever ongoing solo series that makes its debut this week!

Black Cat #1
BLACK CAT (2019) #1

Felicia Hardy AKA Black Cat is back, and starring in her first ever ongoing series! We chatted with writer Jed MacKay about what Black Cat’s got her claws into this time, who’s joining her on her high-octane heists, and dare we say… some unknown history?

BLACK CAT #1 is pawsitively packed with talent – writer Jed MacKay and artist Travel Foreman team up again (with color by Brian Reber and lettering by Ferran Delgado) to spin Black Cat’s yarn. Mike Dowling is drawing Jed’s back-up tail; and -- wait fur it --  Nao Fuji is tackling a new MARVEL MEOW comic! Let’s cat this interview under way!

Tell us a little bit about BLACK CAT #1! All we know so far is that it follows the events of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN and Felicia Hardy AKA Black Cat is on the run.

Felicia’s been all over the map! She’s been the Queenpin of Crime, she’s been a hero, she’s been a lover and a fighter… after all that, she’s back at a point where she’s enjoying the simple pleasures of the life she’s know best: stealing pretty things and getting paid scandalous amounts of money for it. The money’s incidental to the thrill, of course, but she has to finance her fabulous lifestyle somehow.

Of course, when someone from way back in her life turns up like the bad penny they are, Felicia and her crew get caught up in a scheme to end all schemes, the biggest job New York has seen since the Dutch stole it from the Lenape.

Black Cat #1
BLACK CAT (2019) #1

Which seminal issue could readers start with to give them a leg up in this Black Cat storyline?

What should you read to get ready? AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #194 is a great start—it’s Felicia’s first appearance! As well, make sure to check out issues #8-10 of the current volume of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN to catch up on Felicia’s doings with Odessa Drake and the New York Thieves Guild!

What can readers expect from Black Cat at this point in her life? More heroics or villainous thievery?

She’s back to basics—she’s crewed up with a couple of goons, she’s tweaking the nose of the Thieves Guild for kicks, she’s helping herself to everything that’s not nailed down. I wouldn’t call the thievery “villainous” per se—Tony Stark makes weapons, Wolverine kills people, the Black Cat steals things. It’s just her nature.

Will Black Cat team up with anyone or is she all on her own, being on the run and all from the New York Thieves Guild and their boss, Odessa Drake?

“Cats have claws, but crooks have crews.” Felicia is rarely a solo operator—she draws in accomplices like moths to a flame. Joining her in these new crimes is her very first crew, way back from her first appearance in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #194 (and last seen shortly after): Bruno Grainger and Dr. Boris Korpse. Bruno and Dr. Korpse are career criminals, jailbirds and recidivists. Bruno is her strong right hand, ex-military muscle on whom she relies on for unhesitating loyalty, while Dr. Korpse is her left hand, a mad scientist and demolitions wizard whom she relies on for unpredictable and volatile wonders. 

You and Travel Foreman both worked on the Marvel Digital Original DAUGHTERS OF THE DRAGON #1. What’s it like working on another book together, and a series no less?

I’m super psyched to be working with Travel again! His Black Cat stuff is pitch-perfect, I can’t wait for you to see it. The action, the glamour, the acrobatics and pizzazz, it’s all there and it’s glorious!

Nau Fuji Black Cat #1
BLACK CAT (2019) #1

Can you give us hints into Nao Fuji’s bonus story? Is Nao writing, drawing and coloring it?

Nao’s running the show on her backup! It’s all her baby from front to back, and you can expect something with serious whimsy!

What do you like about J. Scott Campbell’s cover?

Jeff’s a legend, and to have him working on the covers for Black Cat is a huge deal! Glamour, fun, sass, he’s got it all nailed down!

As this series is Black Cat’s first ever, self-titled ongoing series, how do you feel about being on this book and what about Felicia Hardy inspires you the most?

I love writing Felicia in her own book for the same reason we love all stories about ingenious thieves and daring scoundrels—Felicia Hardy isn’t a hero or a villain, but a freewheeling adventuress who lives by no laws but her nature, and calls master none but her desires. She’s a brilliant thief, a messy disaster and a reckless danger addict, determined to live as fast and hard and bright as she can in the insane world of the Marvel Universe. She makes flawless moves and bad decisions, sasses off dangerous people and, like the cat, is usually indecently pleased with herself. And, like the cat, that’s why we love her.

Black Cat #1
BLACK CAT (2019) #1

What would you like readers to know about this first issue?

We’re meeting Felicia fresh as she gets drawn into a big and daring new scheme, but we’re also digging into some unknown history—who put her on the thief’s life, the connection between the Hardy family and the Drake clan, and how that past will tumble into Felicia’s future. This is Felicia’s first ongoing, and as she’s accustomed to only the prettiest and shiniest of things, it’s packed with top-tier art and killer covers by heavy hitters! We’re all committed to taking you on the best ride we can make, so please, join us and give the book a shot—I don’t think you’ll regret it.

And no, I will not be answering any shipping questions on Twitter.

BLACK CAT #1, written by Jed MacKay with art by Travel Foreman (with Mike Dowling) goes on sale Wednesday, June 5! You can pre-order your copy online or at your local comic store!

Black Cat #1


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