Published October 5, 2023

Logan Lewis Stars in an All-New Story as Nightshade

We spoke to writer Stephanie Williams about Logan’s origin and ties to the original Nightshade, plus what’s next for the hero in her new ‘Marvel’s Voices’ arc.

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New on Marvel Unlimited from the vertical Infinity Comics lineup: In the all-new “Nightshade” story arc, told across MARVEL’S VOICES #71-74, Logan Lewis carries on a superhuman family legacy…while hunting for a new job.

First introduced in MARVEL’S VOICES: PRIDE (2023) #1, Logan Lewis is the newest super hero on Chicago’s crowded streets, but it turns out “gave myself power over my own body chemistry” isn’t the resume line that employers are looking for. When a job offer finally comes in, the desperate Logan jumps for it—but her new employer may not be all that she seems. Creators Stephanie Williams, Héctor Barros, and Andrew Dalhouse reunite from their MARVEL’S VOICES: PRIDE special to tell an all-out adventure that catapults Logan to super-heroic heights.

In an exclusive preview of MARVEL’S VOICES #71, the first chapter in the four-part “Nightshade” arc, we spoke to Stephanie Williams about Logan’s creation, her ties to the Nightshade name, and the superhuman job hunt.

In this year’s MARVEL’S VOICES: PRIDE, readers were introduced to Logan Lewis, an all-new Nightshade. What is her relationship to the original Nightshade, Tilda Johnson, and how will Logan aim to make this legacy her own?

STEPHANIE WILLIAMS: Logan is Tilda Johnson’s younger cousin. In MARVEL’S VOICES: PRIDE, I introduced family members who knew Tilda when she was younger and could speak to the brilliance that resided in her before she got swept up by her Nightshade persona. It was important to me to bring some nuance to someone who is clearly extraordinarily gifted but lacked the opportunities and resources to pursue a less controversial career path. Elders in Logan’s family provide that nuance for Tilda, and from it, Logan finds inspiration to take advantage of what’s available to her through educational resources and community. Logan is just as brilliant, determined, and fiercely opinionated as her cousin, which means she will make the legacy her own by doing what feels right to her and how she wants to use her powers and intellect. Logan’s story arc in MARVEL’S VOICES showcases how that looks in practice.

Logan Lewis’ first appearance in MARVEL’S VOICES: PRIDE (2023) #1 by Stephanie Williams, Héctor Barros, and Andrew Dalhouse.
Logan Lewis’ first appearance in MARVEL’S VOICES: PRIDE (2023) #1 by Stephanie Williams, Héctor Barros, and Andrew Dalhouse.

At the start of this arc, Logan is on a mission…for a new job! What kind of obstacles are in her way now that she’s on the scene as a superhuman?

STEPHANIE WILLIAMS: Unfortunately, she’s dealing with similar obstacles that affect many post-grads, and that’s finding a job that aligns with your degree in a challenging and stingy job market. Still, for Logan, it gets a little more complicated. Thanks to social media, it’s no secret that she has super-powers, and as a result, she’s having trouble finding an employer who wants to bring her on as a possible liability.

Logan’s abilities differ greatly from her cousin Tilda’s. What are the outer reaches of Logan’s Nightshade powers?

STEPHANIE WILLIAMS: Now, this is the fun part of Logan’s journey as Nightshade. Since her powers come from ISO-8, which Otto Octavius describes as “the perfect catalyst,” the outer reaches of Logan’s powers are still unseen because their potential all depends on discovering what limitations, if any, there are in controlling her body’s chemistry and that of others. In this arc, Logan displays new abilities like aging certain parts of her body, energy pulses, and more. Power akin to the Cosmic Cube runs through her body, which would be considered extraordinary. Only time will tell just how powerful she can get.

Preview panels from MARVEL'S VOICES INFINITY COMIC (2022) #71.
Preview panels from MARVEL'S VOICES INFINITY COMIC (2022) #71.

What was your collaboration with Héctor Barros like when creating Nightshade: Logan Lewis?

STEPHANIE WILLIAMS: I adore Héctor, and collaborating with him has been a wonderful experience. From the beginning, we were on the same page regarding how Logan’s powers should visually manifest, with heavy inspiration from how Jack Kirby illustrated many cosmic-level super heroes. Another visual aspect of Logan’s design I love is all the pink. Spoiler alert: I wasn’t a massive fan of pink growing up, even though I loved the Pink Power Ranger. I’ve happily embraced the color since I’ve gotten older. We don’t see a lot of super heroes with shades of pink in their looks, and I’m so thankful Logan’s Nightshade suit is as pink as it gets. Héctor also brilliantly incorporated the ISO-8 compound signature in Logan’s suit design. It represents just how much limitless potential the new Nightshade has if given the opportunity to explore it.

You’ve written a couple characters now who are rooted firmly in the sciences. What do you enjoy the most about scripting a scientist?

STEPHANIE WILLIAMS: I wish I had some profound philosophical thing to say, but it just rules. I left a career in science—I was an Electron Microscopist—to pursue my writing career full time. It’s somewhat poetic how writing opportunities have allowed me to keep that passion but express it creatively now through characters that I hope inspire the next generation.

Preview panels from MARVEL'S VOICES INFINITY COMIC (2022) #71.
Preview panels from MARVEL'S VOICES INFINITY COMIC (2022) #71.

Read new chapters of Logan’s “Nightshade” arc each Wednesday in Infinity Comics’ MARVEL’S VOICES! Read MARVEL’S VOICES #71 online now or on the Marvel Unlimited app!


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