Published February 17, 2023

'Marauders' #12 First Look Reunites Kate Pryde with Her Late Father

In a special first look at 'Marauders' #12, Kate Pryde gets a visit from beyond the grave with a little help from a mutant named Wicked.

Mutantkind has discovered the key to immortality, but many have not yet received the gift of everlasting life. Fortunately for those lost souls, Kate Pryde is on the case.

In MARAUDERS (2022) #12 by Steve Orlando and Eleonora Carlini, Kate will continue her quest to uncover the mystery of Threshold, an ancient mutant society that existed two billion years in the past… but first, there's someone she needs to talk to: her late father, Carmen Pryde. Amid the devastation of Genosha, her father's ghost, and her team of Marauders, Kate will attempt something no mutant has done before.

A special first look at MARAUDERS (2022) #12 shows Polaris using her powers on the fateful box that started this whole saga, which she then passes to a stunned Theia. On one page, Kate has a heart-to-heart with her father's spirit, while Daken exacts his revenge on Brimstone Love in another. Then, Kate's entire Marauders team assembles before a Krakoan gate, which has sprouted a DNA-shaped structure, as the ghosts of Genosha look on.

Witness Kate's attempt to rescue an entire mutant civilization in a special first look at MARAUDERS #12 below!

MARAUDERS #12 interior artwork by Eleonora Carlini

On Sale 3/22

Can Kate bring back the Threshold without irrevocably altering history as the X-Men know it? Find out in MARAUDERS #12, on sale March 22!

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