Published November 26, 2018

Marvel Battle Royale: Wolverine vs. Doctor Octopus

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16 Marvel Comics editors chose their champions. Now you decide who wins.

It's the Marvel Battle Royale 2018!

Battle Royale

The latest tussle saw the web-head go up against the mutant formerly known as Phoenix, and the victor was...


And today, another quarterfinal quarrel is on the way, as Mark Basso's weapon wages war against Nick Lowe's eight-legged legend...

Wolverine vs. Doc Ock

Not only did the editors nominate their own gladiators, they've also laid out exactly why you should be on their side! Here's Mark's message on behalf of...


"Okay…So a berserker with razor sharp adamantium claws versus...who? A scientist with some kind of metal tube arms? What even are those, aluminum? If this 'Doctor Octopus' fella couldn’t even stop a teenager in a spider costume back in the day, what chance does he have against the best there is? This is a no-brainer folks—Wolverine would dice this fool into calamari."

Ouch! And here's why—according to Nick—his pick will do the trick...

Doctor Octopus!

"The only thing Wolverine would beat Doc Ock in is a beer-drinking contest. Heck, Doc might lure the ol' Canucklehead in with such a contest before using his WORLD CLASS BRAIN to destroy the hairy Canadian weirdo like many a cookie jar on a high shelf. If it even got as far as fisticuffs, all Otto would need to say is, 'is that Jean Grey looking a little depressed?' And use the ensuing distraction to use one of his many prepared ideas to end the healing-factored hobo-smelling buffoon. If all else failed, Otto could swap Logan's brain with someone and call it a day. Wolverine is overrated and Otto Octavius is superior."

Pow! Decide who gave the best pitch and cast your vote below right now!

The Marvel Battle Royale 2018 takes place every day throughout the month of November! Stay tuned to and @Marvel as the quarterfinals continue tomorrow with Deadpool vs. Black Panther!