Published July 23, 2019

'Marvel Comics' #1 Is Rendered in Mosaic Form for the 'Marvel Comics' #1000 Shattered Variant Cover

Find out how to get this marvelous mosaic variant cover by Matthew DiMasi!

MARVEL COMICS #1000, the comic super-issue celebrating Marvel's 80th anniversary and hitting comic shops on Wednesday, August 28, is shaping up to be bigger by the day -- and a new variant cover is putting a shattering spin on the Marvel Comics legacy!

Matthew DiMasi is a "physician by day and an artist in the off hours" who has recreated over 20 comic covers in a mosaic style, including seven previous "shattered variants." DiMasi, a radiologist from Concord, New Hampshire, started creating broken tile mosaics of wildlife and more before embarking on his first comic-themed piece -- Captain America. "From there," he explained, "I’ve been honing the craft, using smaller pieces and new shapes and shading techniques in order to fully recreate a cover."

Here is DiMasi with the variant cover, which renders the original MARVEL COMICS #1 cover in mosaic form:

Matthew DiMasi with Marvel Comics #1000 mosaic cover

DiMasi is partnering with Josh Geppi from Diamond Galleries, where the issue with the variant cover will be sold as well as the original mosaic art. You can also pre-order your copy of MARVEL COMICS #1000 today!

You can watch a time lapse video of the making of the cover on DiMasi's Instagram page:

MARVEL COMICS #1000 is a massive comic collaboration of 80 creative teams telling intertwining stories to celebrate the 80-year legacy of Marvel Comics. The roster of talent includes Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham (who were just revealed as part of the team at San Diego Comic-Con 2019), Al Ewing, Adam Kubert, Alex Ross, Gail Simone, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Chris Claremont, Peter David, Mark Waid, and more! Pre-order your copy featuring the "Shattered Variant" Cover by Matthew DiMasi today online or at your local comic shop!


Marvel Comics #1000 Shattered Variant


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