Published August 31, 2022

Marvel Remembers Mike Pasciullo with 'Amazing Fantasy' #1000 Story

In 'Amazing Fantasy' #1000, Todd Nauck, Rachelle Rosenberg, and Joe Sabino complete a never-before-seen story written by Mike Pasciullo.

Earlier this summer, Marvel Entertainment lost our dear friend and colleague Mike Pasciullo, who worked to bring Marvel to fans worldwide for over 25 years. In his memory, Marvel Comics has completed and published a never-before-seen story written by Pasciullo within the pages of AMAZING FANTASY (2022) #1000.

Years ago, Pasciullo pitched a Spider-Man miniseries. Although the project never quite made it off the ground, he went ahead and wrote all five issues regardless. Now, to commemorate him, Todd Nauck, Rachelle Rosenberg, and Joe Sabino have come together to complete a scene from Mike’s project in his honor. Marvel Comics proudly presents "Along Came a Rhino…", which appears as the final story in AMAZING FANTASY (2022) #1000.

"Along Came a Rhino…" follows Ryan, an aspiring super hero who has taken up the name Rhino. After a confrontation with the super villain known as Rhino, Ryan and Spider-Man have a chat about what it means to be a hero – and the price heroes often pay for it.

Thank you for everything, Mike, and rest in peace.

AMAZING FANTASY (2022) #1000 page by Mike Pasciullo, Todd Nauck, and Rachelle Rosenberg
AMAZING FANTASY (2022) #1000 page by Mike Pasciullo, Todd Nauck, and Rachelle Rosenberg



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