Published February 28, 2024

Cheryl Lynn Eaton Finds the Heart of A-Force for 'Marvel's Voices Infinity Comic'

'Marvel's Voices Infinity Comic' writer Cheryl Lynn Eaton reveals what makes A-Force special, how she selected her team of characters, and so much more.

A-Force is back! The Marvel Universe's all-women Avengers team has returned with an new adventure in MARVEL'S VOICES INFINITY COMIC (2022)

Starring some of the Avengers' best and brightest, these ladies banded together once again to cure everyone's favorite little-bit-of-everything, Singularity, of a cosmic cold starting in MARVEL'S VOICES INFINITY COMIC (2022) #85. We spoke to series writer Cheryl Lynn Eaton about A-Force, what makes the team so special, and what she has coming up next.

MARVEL.COM: How does it feel to write an Infinity Comic with Marvel?

CHERYL LYNN EATON: Well, the current A-Force story with Federica Mancin isn't my first Infinity Comic! Way, way back in 2022—which seems like eons ago—Nelson Daniel and I served as the creators for issue #26. It was a Black Panther story and loads of fun to write.

MARVEL.COM: How does your approach to writing an Infinity Comic differ from writing a print comic?

CHERYL LYNN EATON: There's quite a bit of overlap, to be honest. However, the format impacts how you handle transitions. You're dealing with a scroll instead of physical page turns. Story beats are arranged differently. I wouldn't say it's like learning a new language, but it is like learning a new dialect.

MARVEL.COM: What excites you about working with a team of characters like A-Force?

CHERYL LYNN EATON: Discovering different relationship dynamics. Even though we're working with characters that regularly appear in other books, we get to explore how these characters behave in a completely new environment.

MARVEL.COM: What made Singularity the right character to lead this story?

CHERYL LYNN EATON: Everyone will have a different opinion, but to me, Singularity is the heart of A-Force! It wouldn't have felt like an A-Force story without centering her.

MARVEL.COM: A-Force has a whole Multiverse of heroines to choose from. How did you narrow down which characters to focus on?

CHERYL LYNN EATON: I wish I could say there was an intricate selection process, but I literally just chose my favs!

MARVEL.COM: Were there any heroes you wanted to feature, but didn't make the cut?

CHERYL LYNN EATON: Just Monica. But I managed to snag everyone else I wanted, which was quite nice!

MARVEL.COM: Who was your favorite guest star, and why?

CHERYL LYNN EATON: That… is a difficult question! I'll have to go with Death, with Starfox being a close runner-up. Marlo is a very funny and very underrated supporting character. I will always take the time to dig in the crates, given the opportunity.

MARVEL.COM: Aside from being the Marvel Universe's only all-women Avengers team, what do you think makes A-Force special?

CHERYL LYNN EATON: Oh, it's a "Dream Team" for super heroes. You're getting the best and brightest from around the league. An all-star lineup.

MARVEL.COM: The series is something of a "cosmic comedy"—high stakes but with a real lighthearted energy. How did you decide that was the direction you wanted to take?

CHERYL LYNN EATON: I love super heroes, but I also love comedy. Getting to fold two genres into one was an opportunity I couldn't pass up. But the story does take a temporary darker turn in later issues! I wanted to explore horror as well.

MARVEL.COM: Looking ahead, you'll be working on something completely different: BLACK PANTHER: BLOOD HUNT. What excites you most about this limited series?

CHERYL LYNN EATON: I'd have to say that I am thrilled to be exploring ancient mythology in this work—both real and Wakandan in nature.

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