The mighty team of Avengers known as A-Force assembles on Victor von Doom, AKA Doctor Doom’s patchwork planet, Battleworld—a world created for the survivors of a devastating incursion that destroyed the Prime Reality. The team’s mission: safeguard their utopian island territory known as Arcadia.

Their ranks include Jennifer Walters, AKA She-Hulk, Carol Danvers, AKA Captain Marvel, Alison Blaire, AKA Dazzler, Nico Minoru, AKA Sister Grimm, Queen Medusalith Amaquelin Boltagon, AKA Medusa, and their newest member, Singularity. Working together, they protect Arcadia and beat back many foes, including some within their trusted circle.


A Force To Be Reckoned With

The A-Force are a powerful group of women that protect the territory of Arcadia on the patchwork planet Battleworld, which is under the rule of Doctor Doom. They battle monsters, Thor Corps, and other villains but when portals open up across Arcadia, the newly arrived Singularity is blamed.

In fighting Thor Corps, Battleworld’s police force, and trying to figure out who betrayed them, they lose Medusa. She-Hulk discovers, after going through on of the portals which is a Rainbow Bridge, that it was their trusted ally Loki who betrays the team in a quest for power over the territory. Loki unleashes zombies upon Arcadia and Singularity seemingly sacrifices her life to protect the team by swallowing the horde. When the Prime Reality is later restored, and the team scattered, Singularity reunites them.


Driving Force

On Battleworld, She-Hulk leads A-Force and is the Baroness of Arcadia. She assembles the A-Force to battle all threats to the territory and welcomes Singularity as a member of the team. She-Hulk typically leads each charge, directing the members of the team, including the Kree-powered hero Captain Marvel, light-manipulating Dazzler, blood-magic-wielding Nico Minoru, Inhuman queen Medusa, green behemoth She-Hulk, and sentient pocket universe Singularity. Though Medusa and She-Hulk do not always see eye to eye, Medusa would die for the team.

After the Prime Reality is restored, Singularity finds the heroes dispersed and reforms the team against a powerful threat and similar cosmic entity to herself, Antimatter. Together they defeat the villain and adventure for some time together, saving and protecting people from various threats.


Display of Force

While A-Force exists to protect the island of Arcadia on the planet Battleworld, the newly arrived cosmic entity Singularity is blamed for random portals opening up across the territory. She-Hulk insists someone else is behind the portals and investigates by crossing domain borders, which is against the law. Thor Corps arrives to arrest her but allows A-Force to unearth the traitor. They discover that the traitorous trickster goddess Loki’s the culprit, opening up rainbow bridges to usurp She-Hulk’s reign. The Thor Corps arrests Loki.

Alice, the Inhuman bug with the power to change others into bug-like creatures by way of infection, goes up against A-Force. Alice’s first transformation is only half complete when she encountered the Super Hero squad, and with her death at Nico’s hands, she fully transformed into her final self. Some on the team still view her as a potential threat while others are less concerned.


Combining Forces

A-Force joins with Thor (Alison Blaire of Earth-15513) from Battleworld and they go up against the Countess who mind-controls Nico, though Dazzler Thor dies during the fight before the Countess is defeated.

When an infection transforms people into bugs in a town in Colorado, Monster hunter Elsa Bloodstone joins the A-Force to battle the bugs and find the source of the problem.


A Force of Nature

After the Prime Reality is restored, Singularity rematerialized outside of the Alpha Flight Low-Orbit Space Station (A.F.S.S.). Retaining her memories of her time on Arcadia, she reunited with the other A-Force heroes—who no longer recalled the events on Battleworld.

Together, they take on the villainous Antimatter, another cosmic entity like Singularity. When the team attempted to reason with Antimatter, he killed Dazzler. Feeling responsible, Singularity battled Antimatter on the Blue Area of the Moon alone.

Meanwhile, the team arrived with a bomb that could slay Antimatter, but also has the potential to also destroy Singularity since the pair were actually quantum entangled. A-Force team member Medusa detonated the bomb anyway and, miraculously, Dazzler returned and Singularity survived.

Later, the team encountered a fight between Dazzler Thor from Battleworld’s Thor Corps and a shape-shifting, sometimes-dragon, sometimes-human sorceress Countess, who traveled to their world. Dazzler and Dazzler Thor bond and Dazzler reveals that she is dying from M-Pox, a Terrigen Mist infection. Meanwhile Countess mind-controls Nico and it’s the team versus Nico.

Nico incapacitated the team and for a short time they lost access to their powers. Nico turned She-Hulk against the others and then their powers returned, but Countess through Nico seemingly defeated them again. The team rescued Nico from the Countess’ grasp. It’s revealed that Countess sought to possess and depower the team, but is eventually taken down by the power of love.

After She-Hulk gets gravely injured by Thanos, A-Force is later divided by civil war when Nico is accused by Captain Marvel of crimes she has not yet committed. Meanwhile, Nico is believed to be a threat to a woman named Alice. Monster hunter Elsa Bloodstone joined the A-Force at this time as an infection was turning Alice’s hometown of Ouray, Colorado into a violent swarm of insects.

The team split up, though Danvers, Nico and Bloodstone are soon attacked by a giant bug. Telepathically communicating with Nico, the bug revealed that her name was Alice and she caused the infection but she didn’t know how she transformed into a bug in the first place. Now a bug with no way to return to her normal life, she asked Nico to kill her.

Nico refused and Alice began turning her squad into violent bug-like creatures to provoke her, so Nico cast a spell to return Alice to her human form. It worked though not everyone reverted back, and Alice informed Nico the only way to undo it all was with her death. Nico, channeling her magic again, called out to Death and Alice’s life was taken. The team reverted back to their true selves. The squad eventually disbanded for unknown reasons.

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