Published June 1, 2022

Marvel's Voices Expands to Infinity Comics

The all-new anthology series launches with 4-part story ‘Marvel’s Voices: Iceman’ by Luciano Vecchio!

New on the Marvel Unlimited app in the exclusive Infinity Comics format: Just in time for Pride Month, Marvel’s Voices hits the digital comics super-service! The anthology series renowned for its fresh take on “the world outside your window” launches its first ongoing series today in MARVEL’S VOICES: ICEMAN #1. With a rotation of story arcs and one-shots by a diverse set of celebrated creators, every fan will find something to love in the newest comic to take Marvel Unlimited by storm.

Kicking off the series is MARVEL’S VOICES: ICEMAN, an all-new four-part story arc. First teased in Infinity Comic MIGHTY MARVEL HOLIDAY SPECIAL: ICEMAN'S NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS, beloved creator Luciano Vecchio returns to write and draw an Iceman tale that’ll melt even the coldest of hearts. Readers can check out the first issue now on the Marvel Unlimited app, and read new issues each Wednesday!

Bobby Drake has had a big year, and after helping terraform the entire planet of Mars, he’s out to explore what his Omega potential truly means. Part of Marvel Comics’ commemoration of Pride month, MARVEL’S VOICES: ICEMAN celebrates life, love, and all the beautiful complications in between. 

Grab your first look at issue #1, then hear from creator Luciano Vecchio on the making of the series—and his Iceman fandom—in an exclusive interview with Out Magazine!

Iceman preview page 1
Iceman preview page 2
Iceman preview page 3
Iceman preview page 4

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