Published December 30, 2021

Iceman Takes On 2022 in a New Infinity Comic

Creator Luciano Vecchio rings in a new year with ‘Iceman’s New Year’s Resolutions.’ Read now on the Marvel Unlimited app!

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Now on the Marvel Unlimited app! Creator Luciano Vecchio breaks the ice in Bobby Drake’s Infinity Comics debut! That’s right... Iceman takes center stage in MIGHTY MARVEL HOLIDAY SPECIAL - ICEMAN'S NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS, and he’s ready to take on 2022 in style.

The ultra-powerful X-Man called Iceman has a lot on his plate—so on New Year’s Eve, Bobby Drake wants to chill out. But when evil forces strike Times Square, Bobby has to face more than just the realization that another year’s gone by…

And, great news for Iceman fans—expect more stories starring the Omega-level powerhouse in the new year! Stay tuned to for details.

Grab your first look at MIGHTY MARVEL HOLIDAY SPECIAL - ICEMAN'S NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS below, and read more of 2021’s top comic stories according to Marvel Unlimited readers!

Iceman celebrates New Year's in Times Square.
Iceman celebrates New Year's in Times Square.
Iceman celebrates New Year's in Times Square.
Iceman celebrates New Year's in Times Square.

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