Published February 14, 2024

'Midnight Sons: Blood Hunt' Reunites Marvel's Original Group of Supernatural Heroes

This May, the Midnight Sons return in a 'Blood Hunt' tie-in series from writer Bryan Hill and artist Germán Peralta.

When the eternal night falls and vampires run rampant across the globe, the Marvel Universe’s last line of defense against the supernatural band together in MIDNIGHT SONS: BLOOD HUNT!

Written by current BLADE scribe Bryan Hill and drawn by Germán Peralta (LOKI), the three-issue tie-in series will spin directly out of the shocking events of BLOOD HUNT #1. Starring Blade, Johhny Blaze, Danny KetchVictoria Montesi, and more, this iconic team’s critical mission will involve more than just slaughtering through the vampire invasion—they’ll also be forced to tragically spill the blood of one of their own!  

The return of the Midnight Sons! What do you get when you cross two Ghost Riders, a daywalker, their supernatural-hunting friends, and a horde of vampires swarming the Earth? A whole lot of fangs, fire and penance… Don’t miss the original Midnight Sons reunite to deal with the shocking threat unleashed in BLOOD HUNT!

"FINALLY, the world realizes I'm a 'horror guy' and I'm grateful," Hill said. "Working with Blade has been a blast, and what I'm doing with MIDNIGHT SONS is maybe even more ferocious than that. This event is really exciting, the hype is real, and what I have planned for this will hopefully satisfy fans of action... and terror." 

"I’m really excited to be part of this crossover, especially because I love the mix between super heroes and horror—the possibilities are infinite," Peralta shared. "In this particular case, I have the chance to draw the coolest Marvel characters, it's one of the highlights of this project—Blade, Ghost Rider, and of course, a lot more that I can't mention! It's always a pleasure to be in front of a new challenge when you’re free to play using inks and different kinds of textures to create some dark environments and characters. I hope the readers enjoy this as much as I do."

MIDNIGHT SONS: BLOOD HUNT #1 cover by Ken Lashley

Written by BRYAN HILL
On Sale 5/29

Who will bite it? Get a glimpse at the epic showdown between Blade and Ghost Rider on Ken Lashley's MIDNIGHT SONS: BLOOD HUNT #1 cover and stay tuned later today and all week long for more BLOOD HUNT tie-in announcements!

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