Published June 28, 2023

The Comics History of Blade

The Daywalker’s origin is revisited in all-new Infinity Comics series ‘Blade: First Bite,’ also a prelude to July’s ‘Blade’ #1!

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New on the Marvel Unlimited app: In BLADE: FIRST BITE INFINITY COMIC #1, creators Bryan HillMack Chater, and Dan Brown revisit the life and comics history of Blade, the half-human/half-vampire “Daywalker” that once spent his long life seeking to rid the world of vampires.

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In this prelude series to July’s BLADE (2023) #1—also written by Hill with art by Marvel’s Stormbreaker Elena Casagrande—Blade is forced to confront secrets from his past in order to find answers about his future. As each issue takes you deeper inside Blade’s origin, you’ll learn about the Midnight Sons, the Vampire Nation, and, of course, Blade’s greatest nemesis: Dracula.

Take a look at the first part of BLADE: FIRST BITE INFINITY COMIC #1, then read the full issue on the Marvel Unlimited app. New chapters of this four-part series will drop each Wednesday on the app!

Preview panels from BLADE: FIRST BITE INFINITY COMIC (2023) #1.
Preview panels from BLADE: FIRST BITE INFINITY COMIC (2023) #1.
Preview panels from BLADE: FIRST BITE INFINITY COMIC (2023) #1.

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