Published November 4, 2022

'Monica Rambeau: Photon' #1 First Look Sends Monica into Battle with Spider-Man & Doctor Strange

In a special first look at 'Monica Rambeau: Photon' #1, Monica's latest mission for S.W.O.R.D. goes sideways, leading her to tangle with a villain called Hinge.

Monica Rambeau has a lot on her plate. As one of the best and brightest heroes in the Marvel Universe, she has spent her whole super career helping others – including her fellow heroes! But all that is about to change in MONICA RAMBEAU: PHOTON, her upcoming solo series, where she will finally get a chance to stand in her own power.

In MONICA RAMBEAU: PHOTON (2022) #1 by Eve Ewing, Ivan Fiorelli, and Luca Maresca, Monica pays a visit to the Sanctum Sanctorum on behalf of S.W.O.R.D., which has charged her with making a very special, very cosmic delivery. However, in true Super Hero fashion, not all is what it seems, and Monica ends up on a new adventure with very personal stakes…all while she deals with a healthy helping of family drama.

A special first look at MONICA RAMBEAU: PHOTON #1 sends Monica zooming across the ocean, leaving waves in her wake. Another page finds her arriving at the Sanctum Sanctorum in the middle of a chess match between Doctor Strange and Wong, complete with a cheeky look directly at the reader. Soon enough, something sends her running, while Strange and Wong mount a defense. Finally, she swings into battle against a new nemesis called Hinge, with an assist from Spider-Man.

See Monica take charge in a special first look at MONICA RAMBEAU: PHOTON #1 below!

MONICA RAMBEAU: PHOTON #1 interior artwork by Ivan Fiorelli

Written by EVE. L EWING
On Sale 12/14

What has Monica gotten herself into?! Find out in MONICA RAMBEAU: PHOTON #1, on sale December 14!

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