Published January 20, 2021

Moon Knights of the Multiverse

Take a look at these many Moon Knights across space and time!

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Marc Spector, avatar of Egyptian moon god Khonshu, has been the Marvel Universe’s Moon Knight ever since his debut in WEREWOLF BY NIGHT (1972) #32. But the Multiverse is a (very) big place, and Spector isn’t the only Moon Knight in his primary timeline! This was all news to Spector when he got a firsthand look at several of his counterparts in MOON KNIGHT ANNUAL (2019) #1. During the ACTS OF EVIL event, Kang the Conqueror tried to use Khonshu’s artifacts as a way to reshape history in his own image. Fortunately, Spector and his fellow Moon Knights were there to stand in Kang’s way.

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Here are some of the memorable Moon Knights of the Multiverse from that ACTS OF EVIL annual!


First Moon Knight

Khonshu’s first champion doesn’t speak out loud. Instead, she lets her actions speak for her. Marc Spector encountered the first Moon Knight in Mesopotamia in 4000 BCE, as she was surrounded by numerous Kang bodies from his failed attempts to wrest the final artifact from her. Her deadly claws were more than a match for the man from the future. She also made the ultimate sacrifice to prevent Kang’s triumph by permanently existing outside of the world as we know it. Her name has been lost to time, but she set a high bar to follow.


Old West Moon Knight

The very first historical Moon Knight that Spector encountered was the Moon Knight of the Old West! In 1874’s Silver Gulch, Utah, this era’s Moon Knight held his own against Kang’s superior tech. He also briefly teamed up with Spector before Kang used his technology to gravely injure him. But even on his deathbed, this gunslinging ranger urged Spector to continue his fight against Kang.


World War II Moon Knight

In 1945, another Moon Knight fought the Nazis in World War II while leading his soldiers into Germany to prevent time travel from changing the course of the war. Spector’s arrival lifted this Moon Knight’s spirits, and he managed to delay Kang in order to give Spector a chance to escape back into the timestream.


Ancient Roman Moon Knight

This Moon Knight appears to have been a gladiator! Spector and this moony mercenary said “Carpe Diem!” to the hordes of Kang.


Moon Knight 1776

Another Moon Knight fought for America in the War of Independence! This version encountered Spector outside of Boston in 1776 as a battle between the British and the Americans raged in the background.


Moon Knight 1896

In Victorian London, the Moon Knight of this era adopted a gentlemen’s suit as his outfit. A familiar nod to Spector’s “Mr. Knight” costume that he has worn in the present!


Moon Knight 2134

Usually, 2099 is the year where future incarnations of Marvel heroes are destined to appear. But in the alternate future of 2134, Spector and Kang met a Moon Knight in the ruins of New York. Of course, this does beg the question of what exactly happened in that timeline, but we may never know for sure.


Legion of Moon Knights

In the final battle against Kang, Spector and the first Moon Knight were joined by several other Moon Knights from across time and space. A few of them were previously seen in this issue, but others were unknown heroes. Together, they saved the Marvel Universe and preserved its history.

It’s unlikely that we’ll see all of these Moon Knights together in one place again. But never say never when it comes to the Marvel Multiverse! Read MOON KNIGHT ANNUAL (2019) #1 on Marvel Unlimited today, and enjoy even more stories starring the Lunar Legionnaire here.


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