Published May 29, 2019

Morgan le Fay’s 6 Most Malicious Acts

As the sorceress prepares her latest assault in 'Marvel Rising' #3, here are some of her most sinister schemes!

Morgan le Fay

In MARVEL RISING #3, available now, our heroes continue to weather the full-frontal, magical assault of sorcerer Morgan le Fay. After three issues, one might expect their optimism could be slipping. How long can they manage to keep morale up in the face of this seemingly tireless enemy? In order to find a glimmer of hope during this dastardly danger, here is a dossier on that wicked woman to aid our heroes in fighting both le Fay and their own creeping despair.

Chthon’s Collaborator

Morgan le Fay Darkhold cult
AVENGERS (1963) #187

Le Fay’s earliest act in Marvel history came in her founding of the first Darkhold cult. Like many subsequent generations would do, le Fay organized a like-minded community of people around the Book of the Damned and attempted to harness and wield its considerable power.

She and her cohorts specifically sought to awaken Chthon, the elder god who authored the book. However, upon his raising, it quickly became clear that he did not have a naturally cooperative nature and le Fay had to be aided by other powerful wielders of magic to ensnare the being and seal him away in Wundagore Mountain. Chthon’s mere presence in the Mountain gave rise to people like the High Evolutionary and items like Puppet Master’s mystical clay.

After Chthon’s reign quickly ended, Magnus realized how far into corruption she had sunk, stole Darkhold from her, and ceased his tutelage (and affair) with her.

Le Fay and Doom's Inaugural Effort

Morgan le Fay in Iron Man
IRON MAN (1968) #150

In the present day, Doctor Doom realized, through studying ancient texts, that one person—perhaps the only person—who could help him save his mother from Hell was Morgan le Fay. After locating her in history, he traveled back and made his request. Le Fay, sensing Doom’s power and potential, agreed, provided he would willingly lead her army of Excalibur-slain undead soldiers. Doom assented without hesitation as saving his mother had been his highest priority for some time.

Iron Man, however, refused to allow this unholy alliance take place, no matter what Doom stood to gain. He chased the dictator back to the same time period and forced le Fay to run to alternate timestreams to escape him. Doom would have to wait years longer to retrieve his mother’s soul, eventually swallowing his pride enough to ask for help from Doctor Strange.

The Spider-Woman Saga

Morgan le Fay and Spider-Woman
SPIDER-WOMAN (1978) #6

Le Fay astrally projected herself forward through time and attempted to use the super human Excalibur and Werewolf by Night to seize the Darkhold from where Magnus hid it so many years earlier. Both attempts proved failures in large part because of Spider-Woman Jessica Drew’s opposition to her. Le Fay, as game recognizes game, extended an invitation to Drew to become her eternal servant. Spider-Woman refused. Le Fay did not handle the rejection well and began to harass the hero with visual and auditory hallucinations and terrible nightmares.

Still, Spider-Woman managed to defeat le Fay on the astral plane, destroying Morgan’s body in the effort. The sorcerer made one last desperate attempt to win, this time by seizing Drew’s physical body. The Avengers, Doctor Strange, Magnus, and the Shroud all came together to get Spider-Woman’s back, however, and le Fay failed.

Black Magic Black Knight

One cannot easily keep a centuries-old witch motivated by hate and ambition down. Before long, Morgan made new alliances with Modred the Evil who, as advertised, was not a good person. Together the duo of darkness plunged the modern world into one where Black Magic ruled the land. However, Black Knight, with an assist from Doctor Strange, opposed her efforts and overcame the likes of Dreadknight to derail le Fay’s horrible goals.

The Avengers Get a Medieval Makeover

Morgan le Fay and the Avengers
AVENGERS (1998) #1

Using a combination of her elven magicks, Scarlet Witch, and the Asgardian Twilight Sword, Morgan le Fay cast a massive spell on Earth that transformed it to resemble the medieval world she lived in. Everyone else, even the heroes, were recast for this new world. Then, as the cherry on top, she established herself as the long-time ruler of this new-old Earth.

Still, basing your plan on Scarlet Witch remaining a passive participant in your plot to destroy her friends and family has flaws. The cracks began when Scarlet Witch managed to conjure the seemingly dead Wonder Man back to life – and as a modern man, no less. Then, together with nearly every Avenger that ever had been, Wonder Man sparked the rebellion that toppled le Fay and delivered the world back to modern times.

From Lovers to Enemies

Dark Avengers

It seems that Doctor Doom and Morgan shared a connection all those years ago. Since their first collaboration, they had engaged in something like the most distant of long-distant romances.

However, at some point, she gazed into the future and witnessed that Doom would betray her. Not one to wait around to get dumped, le Fay traveled through time, first to Victor’s childhood, then to modern times, to kill him for this apparent future betrayal. The Dark Avengers, allies of Doom’s via the Cabal, interceded before le Fay could achieve victory.

After literally killing her multiple times, the Dark Avengers realize they could not achieve victory via mere force. Norman Osborn and Doom attempted to surprise her at an earlier point in the timeline. While she warned Osborn that Doom would betray him as well, the once and future Green Goblin did nothing to stop Doom from casting her back into 1,000,000 B.C. and erasing all signs of her destruction in the present.

Now that the Marvel Rising team has an idea of what they’re up against, let’s hope they can put their collective heads and powers together to come up with a plan for Morgan le Fay’s latest scheme!

MARVEL RISING #3, written by Nilah Magruder with art by Rob Di Salvo, is on sale now online and at your local comic shop!

Marvel Rising #3


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