Published January 20, 2022

Meet Tosin Oduye in Black Panther’s 200th Issue

Wakanda’s newest hero will debut in giant-sized ‘Black Panther’ #3, out in comic shops this month.

On January 26, the third issue of Academy Award-winning writer John Ridley and artist Juann Cabal’s highly-anticipated run on BLACK PANTHER will mark the character’s milestone 200th issue!

To celebrate, BLACK PANTHER #3 will be a giant-sized special with bonus stories celebrating the past and foreshadowing the future of the Black Panther. And, an all-new character debut that will change the world of Wakanda.

Black Panther (2021) #3 Cover
Cover to BLACK PANTHER (2021) #3 by Alex Ross.

Here’s a first look at Tosin Oduye, the new key player in Ridley’s run, designed by artist German Peralta. And, grab more details about this pivotal first appearance in Polygon’s exclusive first look.

Character design by German Peralta.

Tosin’s first act as a hero will be in a 10-page bonus story in BLACK PANTHER #3. A member of Wakanda’s younger generation, Tosin comes from a village whose people purposefully shun the technology that Wakanda is known for. Although skeptical of how his elders (including T’Challa) run the country and protect its people, Tosin will make the crucial decision to become Wakanda’s newest hero when a boiling point between the king and the nation reaches its head.

Pick up Tosin’s first appearance when BLACK PANTHER #3, the 200th Issue spectacular, hits comic shops on Wednesday, January 26.



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