Published January 6, 2020

New in Marvel Unlimited: Join the Bounty Hunters' Guild with Beilert Valance of ‘Target Vader’

A new Star Wars series hits the digital comics mega-library this week, along with a slew of exciting arrivals!

New this week in Marvel Unlimited… he’s coarse, combative and almost entirely cybernetic—you met him in the pages of STAR WARS: HAN SOLO - IMPERIAL CADET (2018) as a commanding officer, but now Beilert Valance has gone rogue. Yep, the Empire’s (former) hardest working warrior has taken up the Bounty Hunter’s code. His prime target? Darth Vader.

Target Vader #1

Sure, at series start he’s drowning his misery in BG-RT’s Tavern swill, but that’s only because Beilert’s a world-weary veteran, let down and rejected by the same Imperial machine that claimed so much of his flesh. But that’s all about to change.

Target Vader_A

Gwi, an enigmatic Tarsunt, offers Valance a bounty that can’t be stolen, let alone uttered in public. The Hidden Hand, a crime syndicate with zero qualms about taking life, has recruited Valance into their fold. No guarantees the cyborg commando will be a team player though. After all, he’s a touch surly…

Target Vader_B

Another Star Wars entry as fast-paced as warp drive? STAR WARS: AGE OF RESISTANCE – FINN #1, a one-shot tale starring rebel hero Finn… when he was still FN-2187, Stormtrooper of the First Order. Get a glimpse at Finn’s earliest days under Captain Phasma’s command, a period of time in which he was issued a janitor’s mop before a blaster. He may still be learning the ropes here, but Finn still showcases that signature blaze of bravery…


We also have a major debut blowing our way this week—AERO (2019) #1! That gusty cold front you’re feeling? That’s Aero, Shanghai’s wind-riding Super Hero and commander of all elements of air. You’ve seen Lei Ling in the pages of ‘War of the Realms: New Agents of Atlas’, but now she’s soaring into a solo storm. And we do mean that literally.


In her “down time”, Lei’s a brilliant architect, responsible for several mainstay structures in Shanghai’s skyline. So, her stakes for protecting the city, and the buildings she’s designed? They’re high. She’s not having it when strange forces turn her skyscrapers into monstrous stone golems. At all.


MU favorite series IMMORTAL HULK (2018) gains another issue this week too. Remember that super disgusting reveal at the end of #19?

In case you forgot.

Well, #20 has hit the library, and things kick off not exactly where we’ve left them… after having his heart torn and devoured from his oozing, desiccated corpse, the Hulk is jolted back to life, but only after Bruce Banner takes a trip through Hell. There, he’s forced into unpleasant conversation with his “dad”… AKA Gamma Satan himself.

Immortal Hulk 20_A

On the surface world, Betty Ross, AKA Harpy, has really ticked off the “Big Guy” persona with her take on cardiac care. Still in Reno, Nevada, we’re treated to more action from the parking lot battle of the century—an irradiated showdown between “Savage Hulk”, Harpy and “Subject B”, AKA whatever acid-leaking monstrosity Shadow Base has turned Rick Jones’ into…

Immortal Hulk 20_B

Looking for some mismatched mayhem? If so, you’re covered with the first installment in the ‘Acts of Evil’ event, made up of 8 Annuals that will span the next three months! MS. MARVEL ANNUAL (2019) #1 is first up to bat, and Kamala Khan: Ms. Marvel has been pitted against Fantastic Four menace, the Super-Skrull!

Ms Marvel Annual

The Punisher, Deadpool, Wolverine, Moon Knight and more will also square off with other heroes’ villains, all challengers they’ve never faced before! So stay tuned for the next Annual special, hitting January, 20!

Plus, fans of the oldies but goodies will rejoice at NEW MUTANTS 98 FACSIMILE EDITION (2019) #1! Its “floppy” may be worth a pretty penny, but now you can read Deadpool’s first issue in high def digital! And it’s reprinted from its original form, (yes, ads and all)! Hearken back to an earlier age of innocence, a time in which people mailed in comic checklists for a $0.75 single issue.


New to the back catalog this week? The sensational backup stories in CLASSIC X-MEN (1986). If you’re looking for more content from Chris Claremont’s Golden Age of X, check out issues #2-11, also reprinting pivotal chapters from X-Men storylines of the 80s. Storm, Nightcrawler, Wolverine and more take center stage in these between-the-panel tales.


And, we’d be remiss if we didn’t welcome you to a new decade! It’s 2020, folks, and believe it or not, the Marvel Universe has already predicted what’s to come this year… all prophesied in the pages of MACHINE MAN (1984). No, we don’t have “sky-cykes”… yet. Yes, we do have “vidiots”.



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