Published October 14, 2023

NYCC 2023: Jeff the Land Shark Returns for 'It's Jeff' Season 3

Writer Kelly Thompson and artist Gurihiru bring Jeff the Land Shark back for 'It's Jeff' Season 3 starting October 20.

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An all-new IT’S JEFF Infinity Comic is coming to the Marvel Unlimited app on Friday, October 20!

Writer Kelly Thompson and artist Gurihiru will send everyone's favorite Land Shark on more adventures starting in IT'S JEFF Infinity Comic #25. Released on a weekly basis, the new season will put Jeff the Land Shark up to new hijinks and reunite him with super friends like Kate Bishop, AKA Hawkeye.

IT'S JEFF Season 3 artwork by Gurihiru

Art and Color by GURIHIRU
Launching 10/20 on Marvel Unlimited

Join Jeff the Land Shark on his latest adventure in IT'S JEFF #25, available on Marvel Unlimited starting October 20!

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Find more schedules and get the latest Marvel news and announcements at New York! New York Comic Con 2023 runs Thursday, October 12 through Sunday, October 15. 

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IT'S JEFF Season 3 artwork by Gurihiru


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