Published February 20, 2017

Presidential Powers

Celebrate President’s Day the Marvel way with alternate reality leaders!

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Leading the free world remains one of the hardest jobs around, no matter who you voted for.

Generally speaking, the Marvel Universe reflects the real world Commander in Chief. However, in the many alternate realities branching off from the one we know best, a variety of familiar faces—both good and bad—have either served or stolen the seat of power.

As we take a moment to celebrate President’s Day, let’s take a few minutes to check out some of Marvel’s coolest and most chaotic commanders.1

President For Life Tony Stark

Tony Stark ascended to the presidency in an alternate universe seen in EXILES #2325. To the public it seemed like the renowned hero did everything he could to save the world, but in reality, he’d been pulling the strings to gain control the whole time. Thanks to the efforts of Susan Storm, the reality-hopping Weapon X team, and the Inhumans, the despot fell out of favor, dying at the hands of an unexpected assailant.

Blackbeard Thing

HULKED-OUT HEROES #12 sees Hulkpool traveling through time, first meeting Thing during his time playing Blackbeard, then bouncing around some more with Ben Grimm. After Hulkpool loses Thing and winds up helping Captain America end WWII, we find that Blackbeard wound up becoming the first president of the USA! Not bad, Grimm!3


In another alternate future, the X-Men convince Allison “Dazzler” Blaire to run for president because she’s the most popular mutant around. Having won the election, the President-Elect wanted to help change the world, but died in a supernatural attack as seen during Battle of the Atom in ALL-NEW X-MEN #17. Her death inspired Beast and others to jump to their past to get involved with all of this time-travel business in the first place.


Luke Cage

Reginald Hudlin ended his run on BLACK PANTHER with an annual that jumped several decades in the future. The story revolved around T’Challa and Storm’s son T’Chaka marrying President Luke Cage’s son. Cage took over after an ill-advised attack on Wakanda led by Tony Stark resulted in the Armored Avenger’s death. The union marks a step toward a more peaceful world moving forward.5

The Red Skull

When all of the villains ganged up on the good guys in Old Man Logan’s future, Red Skull declared himself the new president just before killing Captain America. 50 years later, the Skull wore Cap’s uniform as he ruled in New Babylon. Without knowing it, Hawkeye and Logan delivered Super Soldier Serum samples to the dictator. Logan borrowed Cap’s shield to express his dislike of the Skull’s policies by decapitating him.


G.W. Bridge

Over in the MC2 Universe—best known as the home of Spider-Girl—former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent G.W. Bridge became the first African-American President. He appeared in that capacity throughout books like SPIDER-GIRL and LAST PLANET STANDING.7

Ultimate Captain America

Like his Marvel Universe counterpart, Ultimate Cap found himself a write-in candidate for President. However, instead of passing on the honor, Ultimate Steve Rogers accepted in ULTIMATE COMICS ULTIMATES #16. He stepped down in issue #24 in order to focus on fighting for the very existence of his world, which came to an end with the conclusion of Secret Wars.8

Norman Osborn

The Earth X future posits a world where Norman Osborn essentially leads the country by owning just about everything. To hide his now-Goblin-y face, he wears a human mask, one that the new Red Skull uses to push him out a window. In an ironic turn, Norman’s foot gets caught in the American flag, snapping his neck in the process.9

Doom 2099

The far future of the 2099 alternate universe proved so corrupt and broken that the one, true Victor Von Doom turns out to be the best person to take over as President. Upon seizing the title, he integrates a number of existing 2099 characters like The Punisher to run the country.  Far from perfect, he fights against evil corporations like Alchemax, but also makes shady deals with the alien Phalanx.