Published May 21, 2021

Preview Peach Momoko's Stunning 'Demon Days: Mariko' #1

Open the cover of this upcoming masterwork from the Stormbreaker superstar!

In the shadow of Kirisaki Mountain…a secret history comes to light!

Mariko Yashida hears mysterious voices and has strange dreams that feel real. Her redheaded maid who dresses all in black might know more than she lets on. What is the connection between Mariko, the creatures called Oni and Kirisaki Mountain? Find out in the next installment of this tale of magic, monsters, and Marvel characters like you’ve never seen them before...

On June 16, the DEMON DAYS saga by Marvel's Stormbreaker Peach Momoko continues with DEMON DAYS: MARIKO #1!

DEMON DAYS: MARIKO #1 cover by Peach Momoko
DEMON DAYS: MARIKO #1 cover by Peach Momoko

With book two of five of the DEMON DAYS saga, DEMON DAYS: MARIKO #1 presents the latest tour de force from one of the most exciting auteur talents in comics. 

DEMON DAYS: X-MEN #1—the first book of the saga—will be arriving on Marvel Unlimited in June, just in time for readers to catch the opening salvo before diving into the story of MARIKO. Prepare to enter this revolutionary reimagination of the Marvel Universe at your local comic shop on June 16, but first, take a look inside the new issue with the gallery below!

DEMON DAYS: MARIKO #1 preview pages by Peach Momoko



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