Published August 1, 2023

Meet Romeo, Iceman's Inhuman Boyfriend

Who is Romeo? Meet Iceman's boyfriend, a former member of the Royal Inhuman Diplomatic Mission who has the ability to sense and alter the emotions of others.

Following his debut in X-MEN (1963) #1, Bobby Drake, AKA Iceman became one of Marvel's most iconic mutants. However, he didn't come out as gay until decades later in ALL-NEW X-MEN (2012) #40. Since then, several comics have explored Iceman's romantic relationships, and perhaps no one is more important in that regard than Romeo. With the Inhuman playing a key role in ASTONISHING ICEMAN (2023), here's everything you need to know about Romeo and his relationship with Iceman.

Romeo's Early History

Created by Dennis "Hopeless" Hallum and Javier Rodriguez, Romeo debuted in SPIDER-WOMAN (2015) #10 as a part of the Royal Inhuman Diplomatic Mission, a group dedicated to protecting the NuHumans whose powers were activated by the Terrigen Bomb. Before he became a NuHuman himself, Romeo joined his high school's wrestling team due to his crush on another wrestler. He eventually kissed this boy, who punched him in the face. As a result, he dropped out of school and got his G.E.D. instead.

When the Terrigen Bomb went off, Romeo's Inhuman genes activated, giving him empathy-based powers that allow him to sense and alter the emotions of others. He generally uses these abilities for good, often helping those who are upset. In his first appearance, for example, Romeo calmed a woman Jessica Drew, AKA Spider-Woman, was investigating in the leadup to CIVIL WAR II (2016).

Romeo Meets Iceman

Romeo crossed paths with Iceman for the first time following that appearance in SPIDER-WOMAN. In this particular era of mutant history, the original X-Men team—including Drake—got transported from the past to the Marvel Universe's present. There, while exploring his sexuality in ALL-NEW X-MEN (2015) #13, Drake and his friends went to a gay bar in Miami. After striking out with several men, Iceman fled the club and bumped into Romeo in the alley outside. Romeo, for his part, said he was looking for a friend of his.

The two had immediate chemistry, but the emergence of a monstrous, moth-like NuHuman interrupted their banter. The X-Men mistook this NuHuman for a foe and began fighting with him, much to Romeo's chagrin. The Inhuman used his abilities to calm down their foe, noting that violence is not, in fact, always the answer. 

Romeo and Drake's subsequent conversation was somewhat awkward. At the time, tensions between the Inhumans and mutantkind were high due to the threat the Terrigen Mists posed to mutants. Still, Romeo made clear he was more than just his Inhuman label, and at the end of their encounter, he gave Iceman his number. 

Although tensions between the X-Men and Inhumans started to boil over, Iceman and Romeo pursued a romantic relationship and went on several dates. Then, during INHUMANS VS. X-MEN (2016), Iceman made a major decision about his relationship with Romeo. When Iceman and the X-Men attacked the Inhuman home of New Attilan, he turned against his allies and absconded with Romeo.

Iceman and Romeo Get Back Together

The relationship between Iceman and Romeo eventually came to an end, with Drake believing his beau had ghosted him. The younger Drake also ended up going back to his original place in the timeline, where his memory was erased to preserve the future. 

The end of the relationship remained something of a sore spot for Drake until he reunited with Romeo in MARVEL'S VOICES INFINITY COMIC (2022) #1. In that series, Romeo revealed that an accident during a mission with the Royal Inhuman Diplomatic Mission had stranded him in another dimension. He remained there for approximately a decade of subjective time, but almost no time had passed when he returned to Earth-616. 

Reunited at last, Romeo and Iceman took down a kaiju-like monster named Anuxa and rekindled their relationship. Soon after, though, Iceman's father passed away, leaving him emotionally vulnerable. This came to a head when, during a fight with a former herald of Galactus named Tyros, Iceman tapped too deeply into his powers and had to sequester himself in an ice palace at the South Pole. Using his empathy powers, Romeo comforted Drake, and the two have been an item ever since. 

Most recently, in X-MEN: HELLFIRE GALA (2023) #1, Romeo appeared to witness Bobby's brutal death at the hands of Orchis. However, Iceman is an X-Man, and that means death rarely sticks.

To find out what happens next in Drake and Romeo's relationship, pick up ASTONISHING ICEMAN #1, on sale August 2!

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