Published August 9, 2023

The Most Powerful Hero in the Marvel Universe Returns in 'Sentry' #1

Who will claim the ultimate power of the Sentry? Find out this December in a new series by writer Jason Loo and artist Luigi Zagaria.

This December, the SENTRY is back in an all-new limited series by two of Marvel’s most promising new creators, writer Jason Loo (X-MEN UNLIMITED) and artist Luigi Zagaria (MIDNIGHT SUNS).

The saga of Bob Reynolds and the Sentry was one of the defining Marvel Comics mysteries of the 2000s, and now, it’s time to reveal a whole new layer behind Marvel’s Golden Guardian! Bob Reynolds may be gone, but the power of the Sentry can never be destroyed and if he doesn’t return to claim it, others will… 

Who will be the new Sentry? The Sentry is dead, but ordinary people all over the world are suddenly manifesting his powers and experiencing snippets of Bob Reynolds’ memories. But not everyone can be trusted with such responsibility, sparking a violent conflict to control the Sentry’s legacy.

Will one of them survive long enough to emerge as the new Sentry? Or will their newfound power destroy them? When Misty Knight and Jessica Jones cross paths in search of answers, they open an investigation that will change everything you think you know about the Sentry!

"This new chapter of the Sentry has an intriguing concept: on top of all the responsibilities and struggles a single person has to deal with in their everyday life, can one also handle the power of a million exploding suns?" Loo said. "It's a fun opportunity for me to create new characters that readers can see themselves in and bestow them these earth-shaking powers."

SENTRY #1 cover by Ben Harvey

SENTRY #1 (OF 4)
Written by JASON LOO
On Sale 12/6

Get your first glimpse at the new cast in Ben Harvey’s cover above. Stay tuned for them to be revealed and pick up SENTRY #1 when it hits stands in December!

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