Published November 6, 2018

Spider-Geddon War Report: A Spotlight on the Fallen Spider-Heroes

Who has been lost to the Inheritors? And can anyone be saved?

Spoilers ahead if you haven't read SPIDER-GEDDON!

In 2014, the Spider-Heroes of the multiverse joined forces to stop the Inheritors in Spider-Verse. And while the Spiders emerged victorious, the Inheritors have returned for Spider-Geddon. The semi-reformed Doctor Octopus/Superior Spider-Man is to blame since he recreated the Inheritors’ cloning technology and unintentionally allowed them to return. Now, even the Spiders are divided as Superior Spider-Man’s faction favors killing the Inheritors while Miles Morales’ allies want a more humane solution for their foes.

However, the Inheritors have shown no mercy for the Spiders, and three of the heroes have already fallen. is taking a look back at Spider-Geddon’s first casualties and what they may mean for the future.


Spider-Man Noir

The Peter Parker of Earth-90214 is one of the most high-profile losses since he headlined his own SPIDER-MAN NOIR miniseries in 2009 as well as its sequel. This Spider-Man comes from a world where it’s still the 1930s and the Great Depression is in full swing. Much like his modern counterparts, Peter was given his special powers from a spider bite, but he also used guns and had a willingness to kill his enemies if he felt it was justified.

Spider-Man Noir was the breakout character of the MARVEL NOIR event, and he has also appeared in video games and the “Ultimate Spider-Man” animated series. Within Spider-Geddon, Spider-Man Noir was among the Web Warriors team who attempted to destroy Superior Spider-Man’s cloning tech. Unfortunately, he was the first to fall victim of the restored Morlun. His death may also leave his Earth without a Spider-Man to call their own. 



This Spider-Man wasn’t Peter Parker. Instead, he was William Braddock of Earth-833, and a member of the Captain Britain Corps. Willam’s dual legacy as Spider-Man and Captain Britain first came into focus during Spider-Verse when he joined the Spider army to bring down the Inheritors. These events took place during the build up to Secret Wars and William’s universe was destroyed during an incursion event.

Although William mourned the loss of his Earth, he made the decision to stay on Loomworld following the Inheritors’ defeat. He worked closely with the Web Warriors and forged friendships with them. William was also with the team when they confronted Otto Octavius, but not before the Inheritors began to restore themselves. William wasn’t able to save Spider-Man Noir from Morlun, and he was subsequently murdered by Verna. As one of the most powerful Spider-Heroes in the multiverse, William will be sorely missed in the coming war. But for his friends, that loss will be felt even more acutely. He was the last survivor of his universe, but not the last victim of the Inheritors.


Karn renounces inheritance

When Karn was introduced, he was the black sheep of the Inheritor family. Karn’s father, Solus, blamed him for the death of his mother. To shame him, Solus forced Karn to wear a mask for eternity. For years, Karn hunted Spider-Totem wielders across the multiverse in an attempt to gain the favor of his estranged family.

Despite this, Spider-UK, Anya Corazon, Ashley Barton, Paviitr Prabhakar, and Spider-Punk saw something in Karn worth saving. They convinced him to side with them against his family, and he proved to be instrumental in the Inheritors’ defeat. Later, the Superior Spider-Man attempted to change his destiny by murdering the Master Weaver, who controlled the Web of Life and Destiny. Much to Karn’s surprise, he realized that the Master Weaver was a future version of himself. To prevent the Web from collapsing, Karn accepted his destiny by becoming the new Master Weaver and he repaired the damage caused by his future self’s death.

Karn grew very close to Spider-UK and the other Web Warriors as they dismantled Loomworld. When Verna arrived to reclaim Loomworld, Karn proved to be more than her equal in battle. Karn even had the chance to finish Verna off, but she turned the tables on him. As Verna explained it, Karn had allowed himself to become a Spider, therefore she was able to feed on his life force and murder him. This could potentially have grave consequences for the Web of Life and Destiny. Now, Karn can no longer complete the time loop of his life. But perhaps the Inheritors’ cloning technology can be used to save at least one of their victims. If so, Karn could possibly return.

What’s going to happen next? We won’t have to wait long to find out. SPIDER-GEDDON #3 will be released on Wednesday, November 7! Get your copy online or at your local comic shop!