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The young rabble-rouser Peter Parker is outraged at the injustices of the Depression. His anger is matched only by his impassioned goal to prove his Uncle Ben was murdered by The Goblin and his goons. Driven by the idealism and values his Aunt May and Uncle Ben instilled in him, Peter believes that if those in power can’t be trusted, then it’s the responsibility of the people to remove them.

Spider-Man Noir

On Earth-90214 in the heart of New York City during the 1930s, Peter Parker loses his Uncle Ben to the Goblin and his carnie cronies. Afterward, he spends his time helping others at the homeless shelter that his Aunt May runs. He is angry at the death of his uncle, at the injustices of the world. His passion for justice catches the eye of Ben Urich, a photographer at The Daily Bugle, at a rally where May stands on a soapbox and speaks out against the corrupt system that runs their city. When Goblin’s Enforcers attack May and Peter, Ben defends May and Peter, and ultimately takes Peter under his wing at the Bugle.

Peter confides in Ben about finding his uncle Ben killed and torn apart with rope marks on his body. He blames the Goblin’s cronies and seeks to bring them to justice.

When Peter discovers Ben is a heroin addict, drugged and unable to answer his phone, he gets a tip meant for the “Spider” that leads him to Goblin’s goons at the Rooney Imports Warehouse on the pier. It’s here that they’re picking up a shipment of antiques previously headed to the Metropolitan Museum, and in dropping one of the containers, a bunch of spiders are let loose. One of them bites Peter and tells him a bite brings death to those of evil intent, but will bestow the curse of power on him instead. Peter receives arachnid-like abilities from the bite and becomes Spider-Man.

Wall Crawler with Spider-Sense

After being bitten by a spider-like God, Peter has enhanced strength, speed, reflexes, agility and durability. He can shoot liquid silk out of his wrists, crawl up walls with little effort, can shoot webbing as nets and to maneuver in between buildings and rooftops. He also has a sixth sense that alerts him to dangers unseen: a spider-sense.

He wears a mask with goggles to hide his identity and dons a durable Kevlar uniform that can withstand bullets and explosions. He occasionally uses a revolver and tommy gun to injure or kill criminal elements.

Crooked Cops and Corrupt Politicians

New York’s top racketeer Norman Osborn, nicknamed the Goblin, is a freelance agent that works for the highest bidder. He operates openly out of Osborn Enterprises located in a penthouse suite in downtown Manhattan. The Goblin’s Muscle includes The Enforcers: Kraven, Cameleon, Vulture, Ox, Fancy Dan, and Montana who were all former carnies.

New York City’s government, members of the police, and leading businessman are all corrupt, making deals with the likes of The Goblin to control their fair city. Some head honchos include Jimmy Stryder, the Mayor of New York who also cheats on his wife; Detective Rian from the Vice Squad has dealings with Emilio Alcuno who runs half the brothers in the city; and Adolfus Crane, an industrialist that runs sweatshops.

The Inheritors are a totemic race that eat animals and spider-people. Their existence threatens the entire multiverse of Spider-Men and -Women, including Spider-Man Noir, when Superior Octopus attempts to resurrect them.
Familial Bonds and Colleagues

May Parker, Peter’s aunt, is a rabble rouser herself and together they run the Bowery Welfare Center where they give the homeless a hot meal and shelter from the cold.
Ben Urich, the star photojournalist for The Daily Bugle has a network of informants that call him the Spider. He gets Peter an entry-level job at The Daily Bugle where Peter shadows his work. There Peter meets the Editor-in-Chief, J. Jonah Jameson. Jonah becomes Peter’s boss and sounds the clarion call for liberty and equality in newsstands across the city.

Felicia Hardy is the owner of The Black Cat, a decadent speakeasy where corrupt politicians and police officers mingle. She helps Peter uncover the truth about Ben and Goblin’s crooked operations, and they share a romantic dalliance.

Spider-Man Noir becomes a member of the Web Warriors, a group of alternate Spider-Men and -Women who are brought together to defeat the Inheritors.

Spider-Man’s Story, Hot Off the Presses

Spider-Man used his newfound abilities to threaten The Goblin and in so doing discovered Ben taking payment from the crook. In confronting Ben, calling him a drunk and junkie bought by the Goblin like a dog, he unwittingly reveals his identity to him.

Ashamed of his affiliation with The Goblin, Ben contacts Jonah to give incriminating evidence against the Goblin. Though his efforts are cut short when Jonah arrived at his door and murdered him with a revolver. Peter later received the evidence files from Ben’s former flame, Felicia Hardy, who also warns him against trusting Jonah.

At Ben’s funeral, Peter’s spidey sense confirms that something’s up with Jonah, so he confronts him in his Bugle office as the masked Spider-Man but finds him shot at his desk. Though when the police arrived, all they saw was a masked vigilante crouching over the Jonah’s body, gun in hand.

Accused of killing Jonah, Spider-Man Noir escaped. Pouring over Urich’s files to learn more about Goblin’s goons, he discovered there was one carnie missing from the bunch he has come to know, and finds out that Jonah’s body in the morgue isn’t Jonah at all, it’s the half-brother of Kraven, Dmitri Smerdyakov, aka The Chameleon, who can mold his features to imitate any subject. Meanwhile, the real J. Jonah Jameson was being held captive by the Goblin.

Peter goes back home to find the Vulture attacking his Aunt May and comes to her defense dressed as Spider-Man Noir. With a revolver, he shot the Vulture dead. May scolded him for killing the Vulture and not using his other abilities, so he left justifying what he did yet ashamed.

Her words stuck with him and when he caught up with the Goblin, he refused to kill him. Instead, Kraven, who had been previously enveloped by poisonous spiders, finished the job.

The Goblin and his cronies are brought to justice thanks to the late Urich, the public hero, and Spider-Man Noir’s undercover heroics. Jonah resumed his work at The Daily Bugle, while Aunt May returned to her soapbox. Spider-Man paid a visit to the mourning Felicia who when questioned about her relationship with the Goblin, revealed that he was also a former flame. Peter revealed his identity to her and handed her a photo of her and Ben Ulrich.

A few months after the Goblin’s death, Spider-Man’s relationship with Felicia grew as organized crime cut through the streets of NYC and the American Nazi Party started to gain traction, promising a vision of a safer world. Spider-Man finds himself facing off with The Crime Master, a masked criminal who secured Goblin’s mantle as crime boss.

During his investigations as Peter, he met reporter Robbie Robertson who desired to investigate Doctor Otto Octavius who was performing experiments on Ellis Island. When they meet him, Octavius expressed racist scorn towards Robbie but Peter is nonplussed. Little do they know that African-Americans are being delivered there for human experimentation and supplied by The Crime Master. Robbie goes missing shortly thereafter.

After suffering a beating at the hands of The Crime Master and his unstoppable enforcer, the Sandman, Spider-Man linked them all to The Friends of New Germany. Spider-Man goes to Felicia’s to recover but she forced him to leave before another man arrived—the unmasked Crime Master who she questioned. The Crime Master brutally attacked Felicia for questioning him, leaving her scarred across her face.

Spider-Man arrived too late to Ellis Island and found Robbie on Octavius’ operating table. Octavius disabled him in trying to prove that inferior races could be controlled by surgically removing their willpower. Spider-Man defeated Octavius and he is deported to Germany. Felicia refused to see Peter and dons a mask to cover her injured face,  Robbie is under the care of his parents, and Spider-Man feels guilty and alone, despite offers of comfort from his friend, Mary Jane Watson.

Around 1940, Spider-Man and Felicia, aka the White Widow and still donning a mask, battled Hernan Schultz and a Nazi General to prevent the sale of Hernan’s Shocker Suits which the Third Reich desired to use in the war to make super soldiers. They defeated the General by dousing him with water, electrocuting him. Spider-UK appeared seeking Spider-Man on an urgent mission, as Felicia is left to handle the Nazis.

Spider-Man joined the Web Warriors, a gathering of alternate Spider-Men and Women across the multiverse, to confront Superior Octopus who intends to resurrect the Inheritors, a clan of totemic hunters that feed on animals and spider-people. Spider-Man Noir attempted to take out the Inheritor Cloning Engine, but is killed by Morlun the Inheritor who drained him of his life force.




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