Published June 22, 2023

“Spot the Skrulls” in a New Marvel Unlimited Reading Quest

Marvel Insiders: Follow a comics trail on the Marvel Unlimited app and uncover the Skrull infiltrators to earn Insider points through July 2! Your mission begins with this first clue…


The invasion is set in motion in NEW AVENGERS: ILLUMINATI (2006) #1.
The invasion is set in motion in NEW AVENGERS: ILLUMINATI (2006) #1.

The shapeshifting Skrulls form one of the biggest intergalactic empires in the Marvel Universe. Gifted with a mastery over science and warfare, these longtime adversaries of both the Kree and humankind remain a constant presence in the theater of cosmic conflict.

And that conflict boiled over with devastating results in comics super-event SECRET INVASION (2008). The Avengers, deep in the grips of paranoia, banded together to fight off an armada of Skrull ships carrying an army of identity-stealing alien warriors. Traitors were exposed and lives were lost as these zealot infiltrators laid claim to the planet…

Now, revisit the road to SECRET INVASION in an exclusive Marvel Insider “Spot the Skrull” Reading Quest! Marvel Insiders: Your mission is on to uncover all the Skrulls that tipped the scales for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. From now through July 211:59 PM ET Marvel Insiders will have the chance to earn a reward of up to 5,000 Marvel Insider points to redeem for cool rewards including social packs, digital collections and comics, and even unique fan experiences. And all you have to do is open select comics in the Marvel Unlimited app to rack up those points. Across five clues, correctly identify the comic we’re hinting at, open that comic in the app, and receive your next clue to bust all the Skrull traitors.

The mission begins with your first clue…


So, do you know exactly where to start? Head to the Marvel Unlimited app now, and start spotting those Skrulls! Not a Marvel Insider? Sign up today and earn points to redeem for exclusive rewards just by being a Marvel fan. See what rewards are available now.

Must be a Marvel Insider, Marvel Unlimited subscriber and open each book in the scavenger hunt in the newest version of the Marvel Unlimited app by July 2, 2023 11:59 PM ET to receive points designated.  Marvel Insider Loyalty Rewards Program is open to U.S. residents 18+ only.  Points will be awarded by July 3, 2023. Visit for more details.


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