Published April 18, 2024

All of Storm's Costumes (So Far)

Discover some of Storm's iconic suits from across her history as a member of the X-Men and a leader for mutantkind.

From commanding the X-Men to soaring through the skies as a goddess to leading the mutants of Mars, Storm has played dozens of roles across the Marvel Universe. Whether working with her mutant allies or by herself, Ororo Munroe has consistently changed her look as she's entered new eras and faced new challenges.

Along the way, the X-Men's wind-rider has assembled some of the most memorable outfits in Marvel history. Now, let's take a closer look at some of Storm's best costumes and break down the evolution of her iconic looks.


Shortly after she was recruited by Professor X, Storm donned her first costume in GIANT-SIZE X-MEN (1975) #1 by Len Wein and Dave Cockrum. This outfit consisted of a bikini-style two-piece suit connected by a gold ring at the midriff. She paired this with thigh-high boots and a gold-trimmed black cape attached to gold bracelets, which looked particularly dynamic while in flight. Accessorizing with a ruby broach from her mother and a tiara that concealed lockpicks, Storm kept this relatively simple ensemble for several years, and it influenced many of her later looks. 


After a Brood alien caused her powers to malfunction, Storm adopted a punk-inspired look influenced by her uninhibited friend Yukio. Storm traded in her classic costume for a mohawk and an all-black ensemble that included leather pants, a black top, a choker, lightning bolt earrings, black boots, and black gloves in UNCANNY X-MEN (1963) #173 by Chris Claremont and Paul Smith. She also wore the black vest she won by beating the Morlock's leader, Callisto. Storm kept this look throughout much of her time leading the X-Men and during the era in which she lost her powers.


When Storm was depowered, Loki briefly captured her and made her the Asgardian Goddess of Thunder in NEW MUTANTS SPECIAL EDITION (1985) #1 by Chris Claremont and Arthur Adams. Along with a weather-controlling hammer called Stormcaster, Storm donned Asgardian armor with a large cape, furry boots, and chainmail plating over her arms and legs. This costume also included a headpiece with white wings similar to the ones on Thor's helmet. Since snapping out of Loki's trance and rejecting his power, Storm has only briefly worn some variation of this Asgardian outfit on a few occasions.


When Storm's mutant powers returned, she donned a new costume in UNCANNY X-MEN (1963) #230 by Chris Claremont and Marc Silvestri. Combining aspects of her original and punk looks, this outfit consisted of leather pants, a long-sleeve top with gold piping in the shape of a lightning bolt across the torso, and a cape split into two sections, like her first cape. Storm grew her hair to its previous length, but she kept the sides shaved as she wore the costume throughout the X-Men's time in the Australian Outback.


When the X-Men came back together after an extended time apart, the group adopted matching blue-and-gold uniforms. Developed by Moira MacTaggert, this look was worn by Forge and the rest of the X-Men. During a mission to save Professor X in space, a short-haired Storm began wearing this uniform in UNCANNY X-MEN (1963) #276 by Chris Claremont and Jim Lee. Although Storm did not don this ensemble for long, she also wore a smaller version of it when she was briefly de-aged into a child.


Storm began wearing her iconic white costume when the X-Men were divided into blue and gold sub-teams in X-MEN (1991) #1 by Chris Claremont and Jim Lee. Also seen in silver or black, this outfit consisted of a white, long-sleeve bodysuit with yellow piping along the right side of her torso and a yellow belt; it also included large shoulder pads fastened to her chest with two X-emblems. Paired with lightning bolt earrings and long hair, this definitive look also had a gold-trimmed white or black cape that attached to a pair of gold wristbands.


Storm debuted a dramatic new look after her costume was damaged in an alternate reality adventure in STORM (1996) #4 by Warren Ellis and Terry Dodson. This outfit included long pants with cut-out patterns, wristbands, chunky boots, and a cropped top with bare shoulders connected to two cape-length ribbons. Storm originally completed this look with short hair accented by two extra-long pieces in the front, but she grew her hair out and started wearing her tiara again as this blue-and-gold costume evolved into a purple-and-silver ensemble.


After a few short-lived looks, Storm began assembling a team of X-Men to search for the lost diaries of the precognitive Destiny and adopted a new costume in X-TREME X-MEN (2001) #1 by Chris Claremont and Salvador Larroca. Drawing on multiple previous looks, this one consisted of a black high-cut one-piece bodysuit with long sleeves and the lightning bolt logo from her previous black suit. This ensemble also included thigh-high boots, a headband, and a black-and-red cape with gold trim on its outer edge, fastened with a red ruby. Although this costume was originally a holiday gift to Storm from Yukio, the X-Treme X-Men incorporated its red-and-black colors into their uniforms.


After a brief appearance in UNCANNY X-MEN (1963) #444 by Chris Claremont and Alan Davis, Storm's simplified costume became her definitive modern look when she began wearing it full-time. This classic look consists of a black bodysuit with a plunging neck, bare arms, and open shoulders. Accessorized with her tiara and ruby broach, this suit also included a black cape with alternatingly gold or white trim that connected over the shoulder to the top of the one-piece. Storm occasionally added a white sash at the waist or swapped out the full pants for a high-cut one-piece bodysuit with thigh-high boots. With slight modifications to cut and color, Storm maintained this look throughout much of the 2000s and early 2010s.


While Storm was split her time between Wakanda and the San Francisco-based X-Men, she briefly adopted a new look in ASTONISHING X-MEN (2004) #25 by Warren Ellis and Simone Bianchi. Offering an intricate update on Storm's original costume, this ensemble consisted of a white or silver bikini-style two-piece suit connected by a gold ring at the midriff. The white cape went over the arms to connect to a giant X emblem on her chest and included thigh-high boots, patterned armbands, a large gold choker with a ruby, and a redesigned tiara.


Shortly after AVENGERS VS. X-MEN (2012), Storm adopted a new costume in UNCANNY X-FORCE (2013) #1 by Sam Humphries and Ron Garney. While teaching at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning and working with Psylocke on a new X-Force team, Storm wore a black bodysuit with a plunging neck, long sleeves, and pants. With a new, longer mohawk courtesy of Wolverine, this look included white gloves, a choker, and a stylized white X with gold trim on the torso, as well as a split black cape with gold trim connected to gold bracelets.


When the Inhumans' Terrigen Mists proved to be fatal to mutants, Storm moved the Jean Grey School to the relative safety of the hellish Limbo dimension and started wearing a new costume in EXTRAORDINARY X-MEN (2015) #1 by Jeff Lemire and Humberto Ramos. While keeping her long mohawk, this look consisted of white pants and a long-sleeved black-and-white shirt with an exposed midriff. The black-and-white pattern on the shirt and the long sleeves resembled an X, a design echoed by crisscrossing yellow belts at the waist and an X emblem on the hip.


When Jean Grey returned to life, Storm joined her underwater-based X-Men team with a new suit in X-MEN: RED (2018) #4 by Tom Taylor and Mahmud Asrar. A full-body leather suit with gold trim, gold piping, and a giant X symbol at the waist, this costume had an exposed neckline and included a black and gold-trimmed cape that connected at the collar. As she wore this suit through the early days of the mutant nation Krakoa, Storm kept her hair in a long, high ponytail with a black headband reminiscent of her tiara.


When the residents of Krakoa transformed Mars into the habitable mutant world Arakko, Storm debuted a dramatic new look that she kept as the Regent of Arakko. Designed by Russell Dauterman and befitting Storm's status as a galactic leader, the long-sleeved black one-piece was paired with thigh-high boots and gold shoulder pads connected by several gold necklaces, bracelets, and highlights throughout the costume. Accented by a lightning bolt headpiece and lighting bolt earrings, Storm had long hair with this look, which she completed with a constant black cloud enveloping her instead of a cape.


As Storm spent more time involved in the politics of governing Arakko, she debuted a new look when she brought Magneto and her allies together to form the Brotherhood of Arakko in X-MEN RED (2022) #1 by Al Ewing and Stefano Caselli. Her long-sleeve black leather crop top featured her lightning bolt logo and spiked knuckles, and she complimented her black leather pants with a knife holster. She finished off the look with a short jacket adorned with golden spiked shoulder pads and decorative gold chains and long hair slicked back on the sides. This Russell Dauterman look combined elements of her Hellfire Gala outfit with her punk costume, maintaining Storm's regal appearance while adding the attitude of her punk era.

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