Published March 22, 2019

The 5 Best Conan/Marvel Crossovers

As 'Avengers: No Road Home' sees the Hyborian hero alongside Earth's Mightiest, we look back at past crossovers!


Every Friday, we use the powers of Marvel Unlimited to look back at the most notable appearances of a character that made waves this week.

This week's AVENGERS: NO ROAD HOME #6 broke some new ground in the world of comics as the Scarlet Witch traveled to the Hyborian Age and teamed up with Conan the Barbarian!


Even though Conan racked up hundreds of issues during his first stay at Marvel between 1970 and 1996, he rarely wandered the hallowed halls of the House of Ideas himself. But while most of his adventures remained in his own Hyborian Age, Conan did occasionally pop up in other titles! Here are five of our favorites...

Conan of Earth! - WHAT IF #13


WHAT IF stories featured the Watcher looking into alternate realities like the one seen in the original series' 13th issue, wherein Conan found himself walking Earth in the modern Marvel era! The future king's adventures on Earth proved so popular that he would appear in WHAT IF #39 and #43, which saw him face off against Thor and Captain America.

Conan Vs. Wolverine - WHAT IF #16


During the second volume of WHAT IF, the Watcher wandered what would have happened if Wolverine had been lost in another dimension during the classic TRIAL OF JEAN GREY. In this case, he wound up in Hyborea. He took to the new life pretty nicely at first and eventually got into a bloody battle with Conan. Though the Cimmerian won the first contest, they both found themselves in wild situations when Conan wound up back at the Trial and Logan stuck around in the more savage realm, even getting romantically involved with a certain red-headed warrior woman!

Conan & The Spaceman! - THOR CORPS #3

This resulted in a number of different eras crashing into each other, including a brief look at Conan himself facing off against an astronaut!

Thor Corps (1993) #3

Thor Corps (1993) #3

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This one's super quick, but when a villain by the name of Demonstaff started battering reality, even Eternity writhed in pain.

An Inter-Inter-Dimensional Team-Up - FANTASTIC FOUR #405

While the Fantastic Four were away on business, then-associate Scott Lang discovered that a man named Boris seemed to be causing trouble. Boris turned out to be Zarrko, the Tomorrow Man.

Fantastic Four (1961) #405

Fantastic Four (1961) #405

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When Ant-Man cornered Zarrko, the villain brought Conan, Iron Man 2020, and the original Green Goblin to the Baxter Building! Even with all that firepower, though, the Tomorrow Man sent them back to their homes almost as quickly as he made them appear.

Avenging For Beginners - AVENGERS FOREVER #12

Normally we wouldn't call out a one-panel appearance in a comic for a list like this, but Conan popping up in AVENGERS FOREVER is interesting for two reasons. First, AVENGERS FOREVER writer Kurt Busiek would go on to shepherd the Crom devotee's adventures for years, and second, this technically marked the character's first battle with Avengers across all times and realities!

Avengers Forever (1998) #12

Avengers Forever (1998) #12

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For even more Conan-meets-heroes action, keep reading AVENGERS: NO FROM HOME leading into the May-launching SAVAGE AVENGERS, which will team our Cimmerian with Wolverine, Punisher, Brother Voodoo, and Venom!


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