Published November 9, 2021

The Fantastic Four Get a Night Out

Read issue #1 from the FF’s new Infinity Comics series, now on Marvel Unlimited!

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New on Marvel Unlimited: Marvel’s First Family plans a glitzy night out in FANTASTIC FOUR INFINITY COMIC #1 from creators Zac Gorman, Stefano Landini, and Ian Herring!

Mister Fantastic enters a restaurant.
The Fantastic Four enter a restaurant.

Mister Fantastic, Invisible Woman, The Thing, and Alicia Masters don’t get much down time. But a double date evening out at an interdimensional restaurant turns from appetizing to dangerous, when their entire group is taken hostage by a gang of aliens set on robbing the place!

"Weird Marvel has always been my favorite,” says series writer Zac Gorman. “When most kids were into Wolverine, I was digging through longboxes for Speedball and Man-Thing comics. Fantastic Four always felt like the borderline for that stuff. That's what I love about them. Well, that and the fact that they're stuck with each other. They're just a big weird family and who doesn't relate to that?"

"I have dreamed since I was a kid that I would draw the Fantastic Four one day,” adds series artist Stefano Landini. “When I was asked to do it in this new format it was absolutely amazing. A fantastic dream come true."

Get your first look at FANTASTIC FOUR INFINITY COMIC #1 below, and read new issues of this vertically-scrolling, 4-part series every Tuesday on the Marvel Unlimited app.

An alien lurks in the restaurant.
An alien awaits a mysterious phone call.
An alien invasion in the restaurant!

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