Published March 23, 2018

The History of Spider-Man: 2005

Peter Parker finally becomes a full time Avenger, in a year packed with big team-ups.

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For over 50 years, Spider-Man has been a sensational standout in the Marvel Universe and the web-slinger will swing onto the silver screen once again in Marvel Studios’ “Avengers: Infinity War” this May! In celebration of his memorable history, we present Spidey’s spectacular step-by-step story…

Spider-Man decided to give a blood transfusion to Gwen Stacy’s daughter Sarah in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #514, and when Sarah’s brother Gabriel showed up not long after as the Green Goblin, the young woman stopped him from killing the hero. Later, Spidey protected a boy named Paul from Wolverine in MARVEL TEAM-UP #1, then discovered his mutant powers in MARVEL TEAM-UP #2.

Marvel Team-Up (2004) #1

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The Kingpin showed up at the infamous super hero poker game in SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN #21, and the wallcrawler witnessed the death of his old foe Mindworm in SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN #22. In NEW AVENGERS #1, Spidey joined forces with Captain America and other heroes upon news of a massive super villain breakout at the Raft prison. After battling the villains in NEW AVENGERS #2, Cap formed a new team of Avengers that included Spider-Man as a member in NEW AVENGERS #3.

Charlie, an old classmate of Peter Parker’s, asked him for help with a dangerous experiment in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #515, but it blew up in his face and covered him in a vibranium skin in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #516. When Spidey arrived to tussle with Charlie in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #517, the man believed Peter turned him in and headed to Aunt May’s for revenge. The webslinger managed to freeze Charlie in his new skin in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #518, but at the cost of losing May’s house to a fire.

New Avengers (2004) #1

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An evil incarnation of Tony Stark tried to sap mutant Paul’s powers for himself in MARVEL TEAM-UP #5, but Spidey and X-23 swung in to save the boy. Peter flew off to France in SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN #23 when he heard of Sarah Stacy’s attempted suicide in Paris. Once there, he rescued her from drug dealers in SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN #24, and tried not to give into the girl’s growing romantic feelings for him. Mary Jane followed Peter to France in SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN #25, just in time to witness brother Gabriel’s worsening unstable condition, and Spider-Man’s battle with him in SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN #26.

Spidey traveled to the Savage Land with the Avengers in NEW AVENGERS #4 to confront Sauron, but ended up captured by the Mutates there in NEW AVENGERS #5. The team also uncovered a conspiracy within S.H.I.E.L.D. in NEW AVENGERS #6, and welcomed Wolverine into their ranks.

Spectacular Spider-Man (2003) #25

  • Published: February 16, 2005
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Tony Stark invited Peter, MJ, and May to live in Avengers Tower in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #519 just as Hydra returned to cause trouble again. After the Avengers battled Hydra agents in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #520, the webslinger realized their scheme and prepared for another attack. Later, he unknowingly saved Hydra’s leader in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #521 and infiltrated the group’s base in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #522 to discover their plan to poison the water supply. The Avengers arrived in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #523 to help Spidey, and the wallcrawler jumped on a Hydra missile sent to deliver a bio agent into the water. He managed to divert it, but when it exploded, our hero needed saving by Iron Man in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #524. Medical tests after the event showed disturbing anomalies in Spidey’s blood.

Moon Knight joined forces with Spider-Man to clash with the Ringmaster in MARVEL TEAM-UP #7, and Peter held of anxiety and fatigue over his costumed career with advice from Aunt May in SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN #27. The Avengers fought the Wrecker as the Sentry grew more unstable in NEW AVENGERS #7, but when they decided to proceed with an intervention on him in NEW AVENGERS #8, he disappeared, prompting a big battle with the Void in NEW AVENGERS #9 and the Sentry regaining his sanity in NEW AVENGERS #10.

Spectacular Spider-Man (2003) #27

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Spidey, Moon Knight, Daredevil, Captain America, and Wolverine fought Ringmaster again in MARVEL TEAM-UP #10, then allowed Dr. Strange to transport them all to Japan to clash with a giant Titannus in MARVEL TEAM-UP #11. Titannus tried to evoke sympathy in the heroes in MARVEL TEAM-UP #12, but wound up blowing his own head off in MARVEL TEAM-UP #13. Evil Tony Stark showed up afterward to cast further gloom on the day.

Captain America brought in the mystery man known as Ronin in NEW AVENGERS #11 to infiltrate a meeting of the Hand, Hydra, and the Silver Samurai. In NEW AVENGERS #12, Spidey and his teammates directly engaged the Hand.

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man (2005) #1

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Following a fight with new criminal Tracer in FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD SPIDER-MAN #1, a Dr. Castillo informed Spidey of his impending death after she ran a blood test, and to make matters worse, Morlun returned to spy on Mary Jane in MARVEL KNIGHTS SPIDER-MAN #19. Later, Morlun appeared to the wallcrawler to taunt him with riddles as our hero grew ever weaker from his strange sickness…



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