Published March 29, 2019

The Lizard's 7 Most Savage Fights with Spider-Man

As the vicious 'Hunted' storyline continues in 'Amazing Spider-Man', look at the villain's history with the wallcrawler!

Being monstrous comes with the territory when you are six feet tall, have massive teeth, and think the world would be better off if all people ended up dead or also turned into reptiles...

With Kraven the Hunter gathering up all the animal-themed characters in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN's HUNTED storyline, the Lizard has a target on his back! Next Wednesday, the terrifying tale continues next week in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #18.HU as Spidey meets the Gibbon for a heartbreaking run-in, before Dr. Curt Conners, A.K.A. the Lizard, returns for his spotlight issue on April 17!


In anticipation of the story, we're taking a look back at the scaly Super Villain's most destructive and deadly throwdowns ever.

A Little Bit of black Magic

For years, and over numerous encounters, Lizard’s exploits followed a reliable pattern. Something would trigger Dr. Connors, he would go on a fairly limited reptilian rampage, Spider-Man would cure him, Connors would apologize for the slight damage, and repeat.

Spider-Man (1990) #1

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However, that formula got turned upside down when Lizard fell under the sway of Calypso and her voodoo spell. More bestial than ever, Connors’ alter-ego attacked Spider-Man with a reckless abandon and newly intensified ferocity. For the first time, Spidey had to focus more on saving himself than saving Connors, but even with that increased focus, the web-slinger still ended up poisoned and thrown off a building before turning things around.

Biting the Hand That Manipulates You

After the wallcrawler managed to defeat the dastardly duo of Calypso and the Lizard, they ended up in the Vault together. In retrospect, this definitely did not qualify as a smart incarceration plan. Calypso attempted to once again use Connors as her stooge, but this time his inner beast was not having it. Following her breaking him out, he quickly and brutally attacked her, slaying his former magical master.

Web of Spider-Man (1985) #109

    • publishedFeb 1, 1994
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Calypso did get a second chance at life thanks to possession, a magic amulet, and corpse exhuming, but she learned her lesson and has steered clear of Connors since.

The World’s First Reptile Bomber

After a bomb destroyed the lab of another scientist who secured a grant over Connors, suspicion fell on the conflicted Doctor. He insisted he did not commit the crime, and Spider-Man believed and even defended him.

Spectacular Spider-Man (2003) #11

    • publishedMar 10, 2004
    • added to marvel unlimitedJul 14, 2008
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However, it turned out that Connors has finally seized control of his alter-ego and used the Lizard to commit his dark desires. Thus, while the Lizard could have ripped the rival to shreads, Connors went the more human, and cruel, route, willing his reptilian dark side to set an explosive.

Cold-Blooded, Like His Dad

Connors’ son Billy had long been a source of stress and conflict for both sides of the Lizard. Despite all his attempts, the Doctor could not seem to get his son to forgive him for his actions in and out of the scales.

Sensational Spider-Man (2006) #23

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So the Lizard came up with a brilliant idea: Make Billy a reptile too! Briefly, it even worked as father and son collaborated on beating on Spidey. However, Billy ended up getting shot and the Lizard abandoned him to run to the sewers.

Mindless With Hunger

Doctor Connors managed to secure a new job at a pharmaceutical company but began to hear a voice telling him to commit horrible, violent acts. He kept it all in check until his boss, Brian King, managed to get a date with a co-worker Connors himself was interested in. Collapsing under the stress of it and his crumbling self-esteem, Connors let the Lizard take over. The reptile then celebrated by immediately chowing down on King.

Amazing Spider-Man (1999) #630

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The eating did not stop with his boss; instead, it got so much worse when he ate a child. And it wasn't just any child... No, it was Connors’ own son Billy. The event occurred when the Lizard persona had complete control of the situation and effectively shattered the Connors’ side of the duality for months after.

Holding a City in Sway

The Lizard then sought to make the whole of New York City like him. He couldn't give them all scales and a tail, but was able to somehow access their lizard brains and “push” them to pursue what they wanted, regardless of consequences. Even Spider-Man briefly fell under the villain’s sway.

Amazing Spider-Man (1999) #632

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Before long, the city was descending into a violent free-for-all with Lizard enjoying every moment. Spider-Man, however, turned the antidote on the Lizard, activating his mammalian mind and, with it, a profound sense of guilt and shame. Unable to amorally celebrate savage violence, the reptile shut down the citywide riots he sparked.

A Reptilian Horizon

With Connors in human-form once again, Spider-Man stuck out his neck once more and got the scientist a job art Horizon Labs. However, even though the Doctor was presenting as human, the Lizard had control of the driver’s seat. Using his appearance to manipulate things around him, he sent Morbius into a feeding frenzy. With Spider-Man distracted by the Living Vampire, the Lizard then attempted to convert all of Horizon into humanoid reptiles, too.

Amazing Spider-Man (1999) #688

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The resulting struggle turned Connors fully reptilian once more but, ironically, the Lizard personality receded. Connors, however, refused to let anyone know. He played savage so he would get locked up forever.

Alas, that didn't work out. But he gave it a good effort.

Read AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #18.HU next Wednesday, April 3, then read the Lizard-special AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #19.HU on April 17!



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