Published August 26, 2020

Marvel Meets Fortnite in ‘Nexus War’

Read Thor and Galactus’ collision with Fortnite’s in-game universe here.

“In the distance… In a moment existing between seconds… Something else appeared.”



As announced this morning, the Marvel Universe has collided with Epic Games’ Fortnite! In FORTNITE X MARVEL - NEXUS WAR: THOR (2020) #1, a just-dropped comic story by Donny Cates, Greg Land, Jay Leisten, and Frank D’Armata, Marvel's greatest heroes will make their debut on Fortnite's Island as part of an interdimensional team-up. Set within the continuity of Marvel’s main comic universe, this issue establishes just how Thor and Galactus broke into the world of Fortnite via a cosmic rift. It also sets the stage for a major development that will be playing out soon in Fortnite’s in-game universe. “One of the most exciting things about the crossover is how naturally it keeps a foot both in Fortnite and the Marvel Universe," says Marvel Comics and NEXUS WAR editor Mark Basso. "We had a lot of great creative discussions between Marvel and Epic Games about where our storylines could cross over naturally, and seeing how prime a target the Fortnite Island would be for Galactus, who Donny Cates had already been exploring in his THOR series, set the whole thing into motion. If you’ve been playing Fortnite, you’ll have an inkling at how the Marvel characters will work on the Island.”

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For those keeping up with Cates, Nic Klein, Matt Wilson, and Olivier Coipel’s current THOR run, you’ll recognize Thor and Galactus’ side quest in NEXUS WAR from THOR (2020) #4. This story takes place between the panels of Thor and Galactus’ planetary feeding, a mission to level up the Devourer of Worlds.

Thor (2020) #4
As seen in THOR #4.

If you need the foundational facts about the current state of Thor: the Odinson is now the All-Father of Asgard, and has reluctantly agreed to serve as Galactus’s herald in order to stave off a threat of otherworldly oblivion known as the Black Winter. But when the two discover an extremely powerful, mysterious source of energy known as the Zero Point, it will take more than the might of King Thor to save reality from Galactus’s deadly conquest.

Prepare for the epic battle that will shake the foundations of the Marvel Universe and Fortnite by reading NEXUS WAR: THOR #1 right now, the prelude story to the exciting crossover epic that will be playing out in Fortnite Season Four! This story is also available to read for free on Marvel Unlimited and in the Marvel Comics app for iOS and Android!

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