Published July 26, 2019

"The Most Important X-Men Comic in 30 years": The Reviews for 'House of X' #1 Are In

Get the full rundown of what critics are saying about a groundbreaking moment for the mighty mutants!


The Children of the Atom have been reborn.

This week's HOUSE OF X #1 has kickstarted a landmark new era for the mighty mutants as Charles Xavier unveiled his plan to bring mutants out of the shadow of mankind and into the light once more... And now, comic book critics across the world have chimed in with their raucous reviews of the incredible first ish.


Here's a spoiler-free lineup of a few perspicacious pundits' plaudits...

Newsarama: “A towering achievement.”

IGN: “Marvel just made the X-Men X-Citing again.”

Monkeys Fighting Robots: “ HOUSE OF X is the most important X-Men comic in 30 years... The best possible jumping-on point you could ask for.”

Comics The Gathering: “A huge contender to be the best book you read all year. It’s THAT good.”

Inside Pulse: “A grand new status quo that is compelling and intriguing.” "It's fascinating, it's well-drawn and well-colored, it has great character moments, and it has direction. But it is not the X-Men as you've ever seen them before."

AiPT!: "A daring, ambitious leap forward for mutantkind that feels like a successor to Morrison while also being utterly unique, building a world truly of the future."

Comic Watch: "This is the beginning of a multifoliate, gorgeously complex story, one which looks like it will change the franchise for many years to come."

Sequential Planet: "House of X #1 is bold and smart. More importantly, it is entertaining and awe-inspiring."

Multiversity Comics: "Hickman, Larraz and Gracia bring Marvel's mutants into a magnificent new era that feels genuinely fresh and exciting."

You Don't Read Comics: "House Of X #1 is pretty much everything X-Men fans could wish for."

Comic Book Revolution: "I highly encourage you to hop aboard House of X #1. If you are a lapsed X-Men reader then I definitely encourage you to give House of X #1 a try. Hickman has something special in store for readers with his plans for the X-Men franchise."

All-Comic: "House of X is the X-Men story fans have been salivating for."

Kabooooom: "Every inch of this issue is intriguing and a sign of good things for the future of the X-Men."

Pop Culture Uncovered: "This is the beginning of an X-Men run you'll only see once in a generation."

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