Published September 22, 2021

Venom Versus Carnage in an All-New Infinity Comics Series

Karla Pacheco, Scott Hepburn, and Ian Herring deliver a Marvel Unlimited exclusive starring the biggest, baddest symbiotes.

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New on Marvel Unlimited: Eddie Brock is saying “Viva Las Venom” in an all-new Infinity Comics series starring another sinister symbiote—Carnage! Creators Karla Pacheco (SPIDER-WOMAN), Scott Hepburn (M.O.D.O.K.: HEAD GAMES), and Ian Herring (SILK), deliver this high-octane, Las Vegas arc that you can start on MU now!

Preview of VENOM/CARNAGE #1.
First look at VENOM/CARNAGE INFINITY COMIC #1. Pencils/inks by Scott Hepburn, colors by Ian Herring.
Preview of VENOM/CARNAGE #1.

In VENOM/CARNAGE #1, what starts as an aerial battle for the skies devolves into a knock-down, drag-out fight that will span four issues over the next several weeks! Told in a vertically-scrolling format designed for phone and tablet, “Venom/Carnage” promises a goopy brawl each and every Wednesday, the latest addition to the Infinity Comics lineup that offers a range of exclusive content for Marvel Unlimited members.

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"For me, the best thing about writing comics has always been all the completely unique possibilities we have creating them, and the distinct challenges and opportunities that come with a visual medium,” says series writer Karla Pacheco. "For print, I love writing scenes that change impact when you turn the page, but as a long-time web comics fan, I was so excited to see what we could do with an ‘infinite canvas,’ especially for something as visually fantastic as Carnage and Venom.”

Venom and Carnage enter a slugfest!
Venom and Carnage enter a slugfest!

“Scott [Hepburn’s] work on this series is just amazing, and figuring out how to best take advantage of the vertical format for all the symbiote-swinging, screen-scrolling action has been a blast,” Pacheco teases. “I'm really happy with what we came up with, and I hope everyone has as much fun reading it as I did writing it (though that would be admittedly difficult, because I had A LOT of fun going ham with those Carnage and Venom boys).”

Get your first look at VENOM/CARNAGE INFINITY COMIC #1 here, and continue the series weekly every Wednesday on Marvel Unlimited!

Venom hits the Las Vegas strip!
Venom hits the Las Vegas strip!

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