Published May 20, 2019

What's Happening Right Now in 'War of the Realms'

Get caught up with the event with a War Report on issues #1-4!

Midgard has fallen in WAR OF THE REALMS.

Malekith's plans have come together flawlessly. Even Asgard’s mightiest warriors, the Valkyrie, have been annihilated. And the Super Hero community was forced to retreat from the overwhelming forces in defeat. Now the world’s continents have been divided among Malekith’s allies, and Earth is theirs for the taking.

But the fight is far from over. On June 5, WAR OF THE REALMS #5 sees the Black Panther call in every hero on his roster to fight for Earth, from Spider-Man and the Spiders of Hel to Ghost Rider and Balder the Brave...

War Of The Realms (2019-) #5 (of 6)

As the blockbuster event heads into the home stretch, is offering an update on the latest developments in the war at home and the other realms.

Odin and Lady Freyja

In WAR OF THE REALMS STRIKEFORCE: THE DARK ELF REALM #1, Freyja had a premonition of her fate as she tested the Punisher, She-Hulk, Ghost Rider, and Blade. Freyja saw her end coming...and marched towards it anyway. Her team took control of Malekith’s Black Bifrost and held it off until the various Strikeforce teams completed their missions. Freyja also took possession of the Bitterblade to become Dark Freya, the new guardian of the Black Bifrost.

Meanwhile, Tony Stark and Screwbeard created an Iron Man armor for Odin. As the Iron All-Father, Odin fought side-by-side with his wife for the last time. In their final moments, Odin and Freyja reignited their passion for each other before destroying the Black Bifrost. Asgard was diminished by their loss, but their sacrifice means that Malekith may still be defeated. More importantly, Malekith can no longer call upon reinforcements from the Dark Elf realm...


Jane Foster

In Freyja’s absence, Jane Foster has been named the All-Mother of Asgard. She may no longer have the powers of Thor, but Jane is proving to be an apt leader of gods and mortals. Jane was able to dispatch the various Strikeforce teams before the restored Bifrost was destroyed by the Dark Elves. In WAR OF THE REALMS #4, Jane rallied her forces and prepared to strike back against Malekith.


As seen in WAR OF THE REALMS #3, the Man Without Fear is now the God Without Fear.

Heimdall passed on his duties as the protector of the Bifrost to Daredevil. Heimdall even outed himself as a fan of Matt Murdock’s activities in Hell’s Kitchen. Unfortunately, Matt’s enhanced senses simply couldn’t handle the overload that came with the Asgardian’s vision. The Bifrost has been lost once more, but Daredevil’s new powers remain, for now.


Thor has been rescued, thanks to Spider-Man, Captain America, Wolverine, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage. The reunion of the New Avengers team was able to spirit their comrade to safety. In part because of that success, Spidey’s got his own squad in WAR OF THE REALMS: SPIDER-MAN & THE LEAGUE OF REALMS #1. Thor personally placed Spider-Man in charge of the League; which consists of Screwbeard, Ro Bloodroot, Ivory Honeyshot, and Ud.

The League has been charged with a mission in Africa, where the Angels of Heven have taken control. Unfortunately for Spidey, the League isn’t on board with his no-killing rule and his desire for diplomacy. However, Spider-Man seems to have found an ally in Fernande, the Angel in charge of their stolen territory. Fernande is willing to make peace, but Malekith has unleashed Kurse to make Fernande pay for her betrayal.


Agents of Atlas

There are no Agents of Atlas, and there hasn’t been any for a while. But that appears to be changing in WAR OF THE REALMS: NEW AGENTS OF ATLAS #1. Jimmy Woo resurfaced as the headmaster of a school for heroes, and he’s recruiting new talent. Several of Asia’s top Super Heroes have emerged to defend their nations against Sindr, and the fire demons of  Muspelheim.

Luna Snow, Aero, Wave, White Fox, Crescent, and Io aren’t a team yet; but they could be a powerful force for good. Amadeus Cho, Silk, and Shang-Chi have also joined the fight to save Asia. Unfortunately, they have yet to convince the younger heroes that Brawn isn’t one of the invading monsters. But when it comes to Super Hero team-ups, a fight between heroes is always inevitable.


Before Lady Freyja’s passing, she put a plan in motion to avenge Loki’s apparent death at the hands of his biological father, Laufey. To strike back at Laufey, Freyja recruited Giant-Man (Raz Malhotra) and Ant-Man (Scott Lang) to go undercover in Frost Giant occupied Florida to destroy Ymir, the first Frost Giant. Raz and Scott were joined by Goliath (Tom Foster) and Atlas (Erik Josten).

GIANT-MAN #1 depicted their quest, which was complicated by Tom’s difficulty reaching the height of a Frost Giant and his inability to pass suffering people without taking action. Their mission could prove to be a vital part of the war, as it unfolds in the remaining issues.


Squirrel Girl

Doreen Green is on her own mission to stop the Frost Giants in Canada. In UNBEATABLE SQUIRREL GIRL #44, Doreen picked up an unlikely ally: Ratatoskr, the Asgardian God of Gossip. Ratatoskr has had her differences with Doreen before, but this time she says she wants to help Squirrel Girl defeat their mutual enemies.

Unfortunately, even when Ratatoskr is on Doreen’s side, she just can’t help sowing seeds of chaos. Ratatoskr even blew their cover when she and Doreen were disguised as ordinary women just because she lost her temper. If they aren’t careful, they may lose more than just the mission.


The Son of Odin has been rescued from the Frost Giants’ realm, but his parents have been lost. In WAR OF THE REALMS #4, even the Punisher was moved to give Thor his condolences. But the Odinson has no time for grief. Thor has armed himself for battle, literally; Thor is wearing the Destroyer’s arm as his own, and he’s forcefully declared himself to be the leader of the war effort, even over the All-Mother, Jane Foster.

WAR OF THE REALMS continues on June 5 at your local comic book shop!


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