Published April 6, 2022

White Fox Becomes a Supernatural Detective in Her New Infinity Series

We spoke with creators Alyssa Wong and Bruno Oliveira about the solo run starring Ami Han, last of the Kumiho.

WHITE FOX INFINITY COMIC #1 is now on the Marvel Unlimited app! Ami Han is White Fox, last of the mystical shapeshifting Kumiho, a superspy, an Agent of Atlas, and a proud leader of South Korea’s super-powered response team Tiger Division. After her mother was murdered, Ami forged her own path fighting injustice on a global scale. Now, another murderer stalks the streets of Seoul’s hidden supernatural community. What revelations about White Fox’s past will the hunt for the killer reveal?

White Fox Announement Image

Before diving into issue #1 on the app, and reading new chapters of the four-part series each Wednesday, get an inside look at White Fox’s solo turn with series creators Alyssa Wong and Bruno Oliveira. We cover White Fox’s most dangerous mission to date, the “inner beast” within, and the worldbuilding behind Seoul’s supernatural set.

Clearly Ami Han is going through stuff at the start of this run. Can you set the stage for readers about where she's left off since her DEATH OF DOCTOR STRANGE one-shot?

ALYSSA WONG: During the DEATH OF DOCTOR STRANGE, White Fox and her friend Lin Lie (AKA Sword Master) fought an ancient demon Kumiho, who shattered Lin Lie's Sacred Sword and hurled him off a cliff to his death. After days of searching for him, the only thing Ami was able to recover was a shard of his sword. Some time has passed since then, but Ami is still working through her grief. She blames herself and the Agents of Atlas for not being able to save him. That grief has also brought up memories of losing her family at an early age. Ami is Going Through It in a big way. So when an old friend begs for her help, she's going to have a very hard time saying no...

Luna Snow presses White Fox for a response.

Bruno, what stood out to you in Alyssa’s script as being especially fun to depict?

BRUNO OLIVEIRA: What grabbed me instantly was the detective aspect of the story! Alyssa manages to balance the White Fox Super Hero angle but also added this detective persona that made her so fleshed out as a character. This series has introspective moments; Ami is dealing with personal stuff (I’m really trying not to spoil anything) that made her so real, and that contrast with the supernatural is a fantastic mix. Alyssa nailed it! As the story develops and unfolds, the surprises keep coming and it was so fun to be along for that ride.

Any favorite aspects of Korean folklore that made their way into the series?

ALYSSA WONG: Oh, for sure, but you'll have to read it to find out! Let's just say I'm revisiting someone I've written before. (And I did get to sneak a Joseung Saja or two into this story!)

Any favorite characters to draw from this run?

BRUNO OLIVEIRA: I don’t even have to think: Yeji. She was the most fun because I love playing with expressions, and everything I read her saying in the script looked a certain way in my head. She’s cool, and everything about her—the way she dresses, the way she talks—is so her that I had so much fun trying to express that uniqueness. She’s excited about this hero/spiritual world. I love that she doesn’t even try to hide it.

Yeji asks White Fox for help over dinner.

What do you think of White Fox’s future as a solo hero?

ALYSSA WONG: I can't give away any of my secrets, so all I can tell you is that I would love to write a White Fox book! She's a powerful, intriguing character who's handling a lot of responsibility: her role as the leader of Tiger Division, her late family's legacy, and her identity as the last of her kind. It would be a lot of fun to explore that tension in a solo run.

Bruno, what are some of your favorite parts of storytelling for a vertical series?

BRUNO OLIVEIRA: The vertical format is limitless; I can go as long as I want to convey a scene, and as you scroll it’s always surprising. With a comic book you’re surprised by the art, but not the format. Even if you have an explosive double-page spread, you know it starts and ends with the width of the book. But with this format, we can constantly surprise the reader. The reader can never tell if the next panel is gonna be a small square or it’s gonna take three screens of length to show a beautiful setting or a cool fight scene.

What about White Fox do you find especially compelling as a character? For me, it's that lurking inner beast...

BRUNO OLIVEIRA: Before I started the story, it was the same for me. The inner beast felt like something she kept trying to hide and when she unleashed it, it had all that bottled-up power come out violently and beautifully. However after I started working with Alyssa’s script, I had the feeling that Ami doesn’t see herself as a badass hero with a cool costume. You can tell Ami doesn’t seem to think she fits the Super Hero mold. So if I came for the beast inside, I stayed for the real, fleshed out personality that felt like someone I could actually know and talk to.

ALYSSA WONG: I have a soft spot for White Fox. She's the first hero I solo-wrote for Marvel. I've always loved shapeshifters and monsters, and a question I'm always asking is, "Who gets to be a monster, and who has no choice? Who decides what is monstrous?" Ami Han is a Kumiho who grew up without a Kumiho community, surrounded only by stories about how her kind is evil, heartless, and vicious. There's a certain grief that comes from that cultural isolation and external hatred, and it's something she's had to grapple with her entire life. I find that deeply compelling and resonant.

Plus. You know. Sometimes you want to toss composure to the side, turn into a giant fox beast, and wild out. Who doesn't feel that?

White Fox foxes out in WHITE FOX INFINITY COMIC #2.

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