Published September 20, 2019

Witness This Thor Character Discover What Comes After Death

Spoiler alert! Get the full context for a certain character's journey as you read 'Valkyrie: Jane Foster' #3!


Jane Foster's Valkyrie vision can see death coming, but it doesn't take super powers to know that Bullseye means business...especially while wielding a mystical sword.

And in last week's VALKYRIE: JANE FOSTER #3, a certain supporting character was on the receiving end of this Super Villain's sinister surprise attack.

Valkyrie: Jane Foster (2019-) #3
VALKYRIE: JANE FOSTER #3 cover by Mahmud Asrar

Though she once called upon thunder as Thor, Jane Foster now shepherds the dead from the land of the living to the afterlife as Valkyrie. As her series kicked off, she tried stopping Blue Streak and his crew, the Fast Five, from stealing a truckload of elven weapons left over from the War of the Realms. She mostly succeeded, but the villains made off with her predecessor's sword, Dragonfang.

Gold Streak, however, ran into his own trouble when Bullseye swiped the weapon from him before murdering him. That left one of the most dangerous mortals around with a sword that would allow him to not just kill gods, but to keep him hidden from even god-sight and call forth winged horses of myth!

To track down the villain, Foster called for help from Heimdall, seer of all. During Jane's last days as the Thunder God, she and the Asgardians fought valiantly against the mad beast Mangog (as seen in MIGHTY THOR (2015) #701-705). Heimdall met the creature first as it landed on the Rainbow Bridge and lost his vaunted eyesight in the ensuing battle. He'd regained much of his vision, though at the end of VALKYRIE: JANE FOSTER #1, Bullseye ran him through with the mystical sword.

Mighty Thor (2015) #701

Mighty Thor (2015) #701

What is Marvel Unlimited?

And in issue #3, Jane takes Heimdall across time and space to visit worlds even he has never seen... In celebration of his heroic life, we're looking back at the Asgardians most memorable appearances.

Heimdall's history goes all the way back to JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY #85 in 1962, just two issues after Thor was introduced! The appearance saw Heimdall walking through a wood where Loki had been imprisoned inside a tree. (He would be freed if an Asgardian shed a tear for him, which had not happened in ages.) But ever the trickster, Loki managed to make a leaf fall and fly right into the warrior's eye, making it water! With that, the God was free and made his way to Midgard to torment Thor.

In JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY #88, readers first saw Heimdall in his traditional role as the guardian of the Bifrost, AKA the Rainbow Bridge. To make his escape, Loki turned himself into a snake and slithered by undetected.

Journey Into Mystery (1952) #85

Journey Into Mystery (1952) #85

What is Marvel Unlimited?

Since this introduction, Heimdall has remained the all-seeing sentry at the gates keeping tabs on realities far and wide, noting particular threats to Asgard and relaying them to his leader, usually Odin, by sounding Gjallarhorn. During his tenure as the gatekeeper, Heimdall has faced off against the aforementioned Mangog on more than one occasion—as well as Surtur, a number of Ragnaroks, and even the mighty Thor. He's also taken over for Odin during a time when Eric Masterson took on the role of Thor.

Down the line, after a longer-lasting Ragnarok, Heimdall had been reborn in the body of a mortal man living in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina devastated the area. Thor returned him to his godly status and the two worked to bring back others previously lost.

For a time, Asgard floated over Broxton, Oklahoma. After Norman Osborn came to power and turned S.H.I.E.L.D. into H.A.M.M.E.R. and eventually made the wildly unwise decision to attack the realm with an army of villains and others loyal to him. Osborn's ally Loki trapped Heimdall and surrounded him with dangerous magics in THOR (2007) #607. Though he eventually escaped, he didn't have enough time to warn Odin and the others of the attack.

Thor (2007) #607

Thor (2007) #607

What is Marvel Unlimited?

The god fell once again at the end of VALKYRIE #1 when Bullseye snuck up on him with Dragonfang and ran him through! Made of sterner stuff, Heimdall survived the initial attacks. Still, feeling death nearby, he asked Jane to take him to the edge of forever because he had never seen it before.

To see what lies in that unknown place, you'll just have to visit your local comic shop to read this week's VALKYRIE: JANE FOSTER #3 by Jason Aaron, Al Ewing, Cafu, Ramon Perez, Cian Tormey, Roberto Poggi, and Frazer Irving.



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