Published September 25, 2018

Writer Christos Gage Promises an "Important Character Journey" in 'Spider-Geddon #0'

Gage discusses telling Spidey's story across the hit video game and crossover comics!

On Wednesday, September 26, the story that began in "Marvel's Spider-Man" for PS4 continues in SPIDER-GEDDON #0, kicking off a huge Spidey comics event that will rock the entire Spider-Verse! spoke to writer Christos Gage about crafting this story for both the blockbuster video game and the comics! What was it like to collaborate with video game makers to write a comic and a video game story?

Christos Gage: It was great! I've been working with Insomniac and Marvel Games for the past three years on the game, obviously, so this was a logical extension. Everyone was incredibly excited and supportive, and really helped out with things like approving Tarantula as a villain, who we haven't seen in the game universe yet. Spider-Geddon is just the beginning of a huge Spider-Event. How did you approach writing a story like this?

Christos Gage: I had the good fortune of Dan Slott having contributed some very cool ideas, and from there it was a matter of trusting the Spidey office and deciding how to put it all together. We wanted this to be an important character journey for several characters, and also have the multi-dimensional fun of Spider-Verse, with all those crazy variant spiders. Hopefully we managed to do it all. The game has been a massive hit with fans, as if it’s a true part of the entire Spidey experience – and of course, it is, because now there’s a five-part series of comics coming right from it (and more)! Had you ever taken part in something that crossed different forms of media like this before?

Christos Gage: I've done adaptations before, and prequels or sequels to games in comic book form. I've also done sequels to TV shows in comics. But nothing quite like this, where I worked on a character in one medium (video games), directly continued that story in another medium (comics) and knew that the story we are telling will affect the original medium. It's pretty awesome... and, I think, something we should see more of! What can you share about SPIDER-GEDDON #0 that fans didn’t get from the game?

Christos Gage: Now that the big villain of the game is widely known, savvy readers realize they will be seeing Spidey of the video game universe meet up with a parallel world version of his mentor-turned-enemy, but who is presenting himself as a hero. There are all kinds of juicy story elements in that, don't you think?


Cover by Clayton Crain

Cover by Clayton Crain

Spider-Geddon #0 cover

SPIDER-GEDDON #0 goes on sale Wednesday, September 26! Get your copy online or at your local comic shop!



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