Published January 3, 2023

Magik and the Dark Riders Reunite to End Nature Girl’s Mission

The six-part ‘X-Men Green’ arc continues in ‘X-Men Unlimited Infinity Comic’ #68.


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New on the Marvel Unlimited app: Creators Steve OrlandoEmilio Laiso, and Rachelle Rosenberg reunite for the fourth part of “X-Men Green” in X-MEN UNLIMITED INFINITY COMIC #68! Picking up with the death of Curse and Nature Girl’s mission to dismantle the human world, this installment of “X-Men Green” will pull the Marauders into the mix. It will be hard to end the devastation that Lin Li’s unleashed, but Magik and her Dark Riders are up to the challenge too.

Follow this latest six-part arc through issue #73, and continue reading the X-Men’s ongoing anthology series each Monday when new chapters of X-MEN UNLIMITED drop on the Marvel Unlimited app.

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Preview panels from X-MEN UNLIMITED INFINITY COMIC #68.

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