Published September 9, 2021

The X-Men Are Now Unlimited

Creators Jonathan Hickman and Declan Shalvey talk ‘X-Men Unlimited,’ a new Infinity Comics series exclusively on Marvel Unlimited.

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The mutants of earth have risen up and founded the nation of Krakoa… but that has not brought any less trouble.

From creators Jonathan Hickman and Declan Shalvey comes the latest X-Men series out of the Reign of X. X-MEN UNLIMITED is here, and it can be read exclusively on the all-new, all-different Marvel Unlimited app.

As announced today, Marvel Unlimited has unveiled a new, supercharged app, complete with the Infinity Comics lineup! These exclusive comics are designed for phone and tablet and told in visionary vertical format by Marvel’s top creators. From the X-Men, to Captain America, Shang-Chi, Black Widow, Venom, Deadpool, and more, Infinity Comics feature your favorite heroes with in-universe stories that expand the Marvel Universe.

X-MEN UNLIMITED is at the forefront of Infinity Comics, a new ongoing series that will follow the rotating adventures of Krakoa’s mutants. While Wolverine and his battle against A.I.M. kicks off the first arc, expect many more guest-stars, including prominent X-Men, in weekly chapters to come.

“When [series editor] Jordan White contacted me about this project, I could see the potential to experiment with how to tell a story and that was very intriguing,” says series artist Shalvey. “By coloring and arranging the vertical flow of the panels, it's offered a level of innovation and control I hadn't previously experienced, which has been both uniquely challenging and satisfying.”

“Of course, to get to work on an X-Men title has been a dream too. I'm a huge X-fan and have very much been admiring what Jon and the X-crew have been doing. Getting to work with Jon was also very appealing... the one thing I knew going in was that working on a project like this was going to push me as a storyteller and that definitely turned out to be true.”

Sample page from X-Men Unlimited #1.
Sample X-MEN UNLIMITED #1 in full!
Sample art featuring art from X-MEN UNLIMITED #1.
Wolverine takes on A.I.M. in an exciting first arc!
Wolverine takes on A.I.M. in an exciting first arc!

“Declan and I were pretty obsessive about stressing what we can do within the [Infinity] format and we think X-fans will be happy with the result,” promises series writer Hickman. “Ask anyone and they’ll tell you that I’m always up for trying out new ways to make stories, and this turned out to be a very interesting format.”


Read the first issue of X-MEN UNLIMITED for free, and continue with issue #2, plus future weekly chapters!

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