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Published April 28, 2022

Asked & Answered with the Daughters & Nieces of Marvel: Bring Your Kids to Work Edition

A glimpse into the next generation of Women of Marvel on National Bring Your Child to Work Day!

Asked & Answered with the Women of Marvel

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In honor of National Bring Your Kids to Work Day, we decided to check in with the next generation of Women of Marvel. Taking an after-school break from their busy days of reading, writing and new math, Kaiya (age 8), Lois (age 8), and Lyra (age 7) were generous enough to answer some of our most challenging questions. 

They know exactly what makes a good Super Hero babysitter. They have excellent plans for the future. They are the daughters and nieces of Marvel. And we had some questions for them.

Asked & Answered with the Women of Marvel

We asked. They answered.

What is the first thing you do when you wake up?

Kaiya: Brush my teeth and then change because I have to go to school. But on the weekends, I probably come to the computer and watch some craft videos.

Lois: I usually go downstairs. When we don't have school, we usually watch some TV before we eat breakfast, but on school days, we just eat breakfast.

Lyra: If I’m tired or if I want to, I just lay there for a few minutes and then I start getting ready.  

What are you totally into right now?

Kaiya: Dogs and crafts. And I also like doing origami although I'm not really good at origami. My friend in school, she's really good. She can do, like, anything.

Lois: Right now I'm into Rainbow Loom. The Easter Bunny got me these and I have made two things so far. Also, my mom and I made a bumblebee out of the Rainbow Loom. 

Lyra: I'm into drawing. A lot. I even made my own miniature company which my mom is actually in. It’s called L&L because Luz and I are the founders.

Which Marvel character would you dress up as for Halloween?

Lyra: Black Widow.

Lois: Even though I don't have her costume, I would like to dress up as Black Widow. The costumes I do have are Ghost-Spider and Captain Marvel.

Kaiya: I like Ms. Marvel’s outfit a lot, so maybe her but also Hulk.

THE UNITED STATES OF CAPTAIN AMERICA (2021) #4 interior art by Jodi Nishijima
THE UNITED STATES OF CAPTAIN AMERICA (2021) #4 interior art by Jodi Nishijima

When humans live on Mars, what one food must we bring with us?

Lyra: Patty’s chicken. It’s a special kind of chicken finger that mommy’s friend Patty makes for us. 

Lois: I think you should bring some energy bars because they're nutritious, and they taste good at the same time, and they don't go bad as fast.

Kaiya: Mangos.

Super-power of choice?

Kaiya: Scarlet Witch’s magic power. I just wish I could do that because it’s really really cool.

Lois: Telepathy because then I can read people's minds. I would want to read Daddy’s mind.

Lyra: It would be to heal and to combine super-powers together and put them inside of one jewel that can make this really big power. It can heal the world, and it can knock out villains. 

What makes a great day?

Kaiya: Having no school, like school’s canceled, and getting ice cream and mangos. Also, I like looking forward to the next day if there’s something good for the next day that everyone’s looking forward to.

Lois: Usually, when the day is really fun and I get things that I want. So, like when things go my way, like I get to go on the swing whenever I want at this playground that we have.

Lyra: Drawing and laughing and making things for people who you love. I usually make these really, really big cards with big pieces of paper that we have in the basement.  

SCARLET WITCH (2015) #1 interior art by Vanesa Del Rey & Jordie Bellaire
SCARLET WITCH (2015) #1 interior art by Vanesa Del Rey & Jordie Bellaire

If you were to work at Marvel someday, what would you want your job to be?

Lois: I would want to have me coloring because I like colors. I mostly like bright and neon colors because I really like colors that light up really bright.

Kaiya: Probably act there and be like a Super Hero.

Lyra: To be an illustrator of a comic.

Rollercoaster or Merry-Go-Round?

Lois: Roller coaster.

Kaiya: Merry-go-round.

Lyra: Roller coaster.

Snow or sand?

Kaiya: Snow.

Lois: Snow.

Lyra: Snow because sand can get up your nose, and you have to wash it out with water and I do not like water in my nose.

Salty or sweet?

Kaiya: Sweet.

Lyra: Sweet.

Lois: Sweet.

BLACK WIDOW (2016) #1 interior art by Chris Samnee & Matthew Wilson
BLACK WIDOW (2016) #1 interior art by Chris Samnee & Matthew Wilson

Board games or video games?

Kaiya: Board games.

Lois: Video games.

Lyra: Video games.

Pineapple on pizza—awesome or gross?

Lyra: Gross. 

Lois: Totally gross.

Kaiya: In my opinion, I would say that’s a terrible idea.

Which Marvel character would make the best babysitter?

Lyra: Nadia the Wasp. She’s the best. She’s fun and she could make us look at the top of the sky throughout the whole entire world because she could also bring one of her Wasp-thingies that brings her wings, and she could give it to me and my brothers so then we'd be able to fly up and basically, we could even see San Francisco.

Lois: Ms. Marvel because she would take us into outer space and still watch us.

Kaiya: Definitely not Hulk because he would smash everything, and he has anger issues, and I’m not sure I would be able to control him. So maybe Captain America.

THE UNSTOPPABLE WASP (2018) #1 interior art by Gurihiru
THE UNSTOPPABLE WASP (2018) #1 interior art by Gurihiru

Are you more of a cat person or dog person?

Kaiya: Definitely a dog person (*reveals her dalmatian with pink bunny ears shirt*) 

Lois: A dog person!

Lyra: I am definitely a dog person.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Lois: Right now, I'm looking forward to being a veterinarian.

Lyra: I’d like to be an artist.

Kaiya: An X-ray doctor because my dad says I have to be a doctor, but I don’t want to see blood so an X-ray doctor, and if I had time to do it, a singer. I actually haven’t decided if I’m going to be, for my second job, a singer or an actress. I haven’t figured it out yet because having three jobs might be a little difficult. 

Best advice you’ve gotten?

Kaiya: Be yourself.

Lyra: Always try to make friends wherever you go, even if they're strangers. You can get to know who they are and you can really turn into big friends.
[*Lyra’s mother reminds her not to talk to strangers.*]

HAWKEYE (2012) #21 interior art by David Aja & Matt Hollingsworth
HAWKEYE (2012) #21 interior art by David Aja & Matt Hollingsworth

What’s your favorite song?

Lois: "Driver's License" by Olivia Rodrigo

Lyra: "She’s in Love" from The Little Mermaid (Broadway musical), and "Better Together" from Descendants 2.

Kaiya: I like pop music. Do you know Justin Bieber? He’s a famous singer and I like his songs a lot.

Which Spider-Person is taking you on a tour of NYC?

Kaiya: Peter Parker because I really like him and the way he acts.

Lois: Peter Parker.

Lyra: Silk.

Who makes you laugh?

Lois: Pappa and my brother Harry! Papa tickles me and Harry is funny.

Kaiya: My brother. A lot. Especially when I’m with my friends, he makes the best jokes. 

Lyra: My brother. I’m a very easy laugher. And it's also because he can point at me and say “laugh” and then I just start giggling nonstop. 

Best thing about being a part of Marvel?

Kaiya: I like that it has action and adventure because I love those types of movies. Some movies, whenever I watch it, it makes me fall asleep but Marvel doesn’t so that’s why I really like it.

Lois: Comics.

Lyra: That both my mom and dad work at it, and it helps show kids what imagination can do.

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