The Women of Marvel assemble to show how people of all backgrounds are making a powerful and positive impact on our stories, co-hosted by Sana Amanat and Judy Stephens.
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Women of MarvelCarrie-Anne Moss and Rachael Taylor on the Women of Marvel Podcast

With Season 2 of Marvel’s Jessica Jones now streaming, Judy welcomes Carrie-Anne Moss and Rachael Taylor to discuss their characters’ relationships with Jessica, working on the Netflix sets and a little advice for young fans.


Women of MarvelDove Cameron on Women of Marvel podcast

Dove Cameron describes the process of voicing Gwen Stacy in the upcoming Marvel Rising.


Women of MarvelHappy International Women’s Day from the Women of Marvel

Happy International Women's Day from the Women of Marvel! "Because when you're can do anything you think of." - Carol Danvers


Women of MarvelHow to Explain Podcasting with Lauren Shippen | Women of Marvel podcast

On the Women of Marvel podcast, Lauren Shippen (Creator, Writer, and Director of The Bright Sessions) explains why scripted audio fiction is just like TV you can listen to in your car.


Women of MarvelIronheart Gets Her Own Solo Series! | Women of Marvel Shoutout

Women of Marvel host Judy Stephens gives a shoutout to Riri Williams, a.k.a. Ironheart, who will be getting her own solo series in November!


Women of MarvelJewelry Designer Douriean Fletcher on the Women of Marvel

Judy Stephens chats to Wearable Art Designer Douriean Fletcher about creating vibranium jewelry work for the Dora Milaje in this special video installment of Women of Marvel! Listen to the full podcast now:


Women of MarvelJob Advice From A Marvel Engineer | Women of Marvel

Lori Lombert, Director of Software Engineering at Marvel, joins host Judy Stephens to discuss her career growth in engineering and shares advice on how to land a job in the industry.


Women of MarvelLatoya Peterson of ESPN's The Undefeated on the Women of Marvel

We welcome Latoya Peterson, Deputy Editor of Digital Innovations for The Undefeated! Judy and Sana dive into her cosplay and fandom history, love of Riri Williams, and the importance of race diversity within comics.


Women of MarvelMackenzie Cadenhead on Women of Marvel podcast

Mackenzie Cadenhead (author, Sally’s Bones, Sleeper, and the young reader series Marvel’s Super Hero Adventures) shares how she got into comic books and why they are an important tool in teaching young kids how to read.

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Real advice from a real Marvel engineer!


Women of Marvel Spotlights the Women of STEM

Marvel's own Lori Lombert joins Judy and Sana to talk tech!


College Sports Analyst Maria Taylor Joins Women of Marvel to Raise Up Female Athletes

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