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The Women of Marvel assemble to show how people of all backgrounds are making a powerful and positive impact on our stories, co-hosted by Sana Amanat, Angélique Roché, and Judy Stephens#WomenOfMarvel





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Women of Marvel Raids the Super Hero Closet and Talks Comic Fashion

Hear from artist Kris Anka and more to find out what goes into designing costumes for Marvel's heroes!


Women of Marvel Welcomes Trailblazing Writer Jo Duffy

Duffy was one of the first women in the Marvel bullpen -- hear all about her stellar comics career at the House of Ideas!


Women of Marvel Talks Empowering Indigenous Youth with Tokata Iron Eyes

Tokata's story is immortalized in a Marvel comic and the upcoming episode of 'Marvel's Hero Project'!


Women of Marvel Gets Mystified with 'Marvel's Runaways' Star Elizabeth Hurley

Hurley sits down for an interview and Lorraine Cink provides a deep dive into Hurley's character, Morgan le Fay!


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