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Published April 25, 2022

Avengers Campus: Ant-Man Reveals New Attraction Just for His Ant Friends

Pym Particles are coming in handy!


A new, must-see thing has arrived at Avengers Campus at California Adventure at the Disneyland Resort — but you’ve got to be pretty small to be able to utilize it. As Ant-Man wanders around the campus meeting new recruits for some pretty amazing heroic encounters, you just might find him holding a small diorama that looks surprisingly like the former “a bug’s land.” Upon closer inspection, that’s exactly what it is!

Prior to the opening of Avengers Campus, “a bug’s land” used to occupy the space, and not wanting to lose anything related to the long history of the former Stark Industries location, Ant-Man and The Wasp decided to use Pym Particles to contain it in this small case for safekeeping.

Recruits visiting Avengers Campus have been able to snap pictures of Ant-Man and The Wasp with the little “a bug’s land,” and it’s still in perfect working condition. You’ve just got to be ant-sized and/or have access to Pym Particles to ride Heimlich's Chew Chew Train again — needless to say, Scott’s ant friends seem to love it!


Take a peek at some of the pictures shared on social media below:

You know Scott, always looking out for the little guy (to have fun)!


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