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Published June 16, 2021

7 Things You Can Only Do at Avengers Campus

Who's ready for Spider-Man, giant pretzels, and the Mystic Arts?


Welcome to the Avengers’s brand new space, the Centralized Assembly Mobilized to Prepare, Unite, and Safeguard! Or better known Avengers Campus.

The area, now open inside the Disney California Adventure at the Disneyland Resort, is currently welcoming new recruits to learn and train alongside some incredibly mighty Super Heroes. But that’s not all that visitors can do once inside! The sprawling 6-acre campus has so much to see, experience, and eat, it might be daunting trying to figure out where to start first. And on top of that, there are many things inside that you can only see, experience, and eat at Avengers Campus!

Wondering where to go and what to do first? There are a handful of things you’ll only be able to find in Avengers Campus, and your best is to start there!

Watch Spider-Man fly through the air

Be sure to look up when you’re in Avengers Campus, because you never know who you might see swinging from the building. When he’s not inside the Worldwide Engineering Brigade trying to catch Spider-Bots, you can catch a glimpse of Spider-Man hanging out high atop the building. But don’t try these stunts at home — Spidey is a trained web professional in more ways than one!

Train with the Dora Milaje

Wakanda’s fiercest warriors are ready for battle at a moment’s notice. But when not fighting foes? Find them training new recruits at Avengers Campus. Do you have what it takes to fight alongside them?

Wave to Captain America

Meandering around Avengers Campus, Captain America is ready to spring into action at any moment — and you may be able to say hello to the latest hero to wear the red, white, and blue —  Sam Wilson! Donning his brand new suit, you just might see him or even the original star-spangled man with a plan, Steve Rogers. These two aren’t the only Super Heroes guests may see in the land, though, as you also might catch a glimpse of Black Widow, Black Panther, Ant-Man, The Wasp, and Thor walking around!


Eat a pretzel the size of your head

Over at Pym Test Kitchen, they are “shrinking problems and growing solutions.” They’re also growing giant pretzels! If you drop a little pretzel into the Quantum Tunnel it’s going to come out as a BIG pretzel, and one you can eat, too. Pick up a Quantum Pretzel for yourself, or to share! It’s been enough for a whole team of Super Heroes.

Battle a bunch of Spider-Bots

They might be cute little creatures but left unattended to replicate, the Spider-Bots will multiply out of control. The open house at WEB quickly turns into a mission to save Avengers Campus from the bots, and Spider-Man needs everyone’s help. And after you’ve saved the day, you can pick up a Spider-Bot of your own over at WEB Suppliers!

Try some otherworldly treats

The Collector is going to entice you to visit his Fortress one way or another, and it just might work with the sweets he’s serving outside. Terran Treats stocks Sweet Spiral Rations and Cosmic Cream Orbs which are completely out of this world! Pick up one, or a dozen, for whenever your adventures take your next. 


Explore the mystic arts

The Ancient Sanctum is full of mystical power, and who better to wield it than the Sorcerer Supreme himself? Arriving through a portal, Doctor Strange arrives to teach visitors all about the Power of the Vishanti. Hopefully, he can do it before Dormammu makes another appearance.


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